Lloyd McClendon Blows Up and Mariners Blow Game


Lloyd McClendon blows up at the umpire, gets ejected from the game, and the Mariners blow the game in extra innings to the Yankees. The catcher Mike Zunino was also thrown out for arguing with the ump. McClendon was not going quietly, he made it his business to tell each umpire in the in field what he thought of the call resulted in Alex Rodrigues walking, which let Brett Gardner advanced to second base. That play would eventually cost Seattle the game.

The frustrations of McClendon started when Gardner was said to have checked his swing; so, when the Umpire said Rodrigues also checked his swing, the catcher called to the first base umpire for a review of the call, whom ruled that Rodrigues did actually hold his swing. Zunino immediately started arguing, which led to him being ejected from the game, McClendon came running out to defend his catcher, but before he got there Zunino was oust, and McClendon had some choice words for a few of the umpires. Even after he was thrown out he continued to speak his mind, and really gave the fans a show with all his drama. He was right in their faces yelling at them, and then he started kicking his hat around. It was Mike Montgomery’s first appearance as a major league pitcher, so part of his ranting could have been him trying to take the heat off Montgomery, so he would not be the one in the spot light for a couple of bad pitches.


As it turned out that was the difference in the game. The Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira smacked out a double in the top of the 11th, and drove in Gardner. The yankees won the game on Tuesday in 11 innings by a score of 5-3. When McClendon infamous temper blows up at the umps, he does it because he does not want the Mariners to blow their game.

This was definitely not McClendon’s first show of bad temper theatrics. When he was manger of the Pirates he got angry that one of his batters had been called out at first base, he was up in the umpires face yelling harsh words, that he was ejected in that game as well, but he did not go quietly back then either. After he finished yelling and throwing his hat in the middle of the field, he picked up the first base bag and carried it into the dugout, and threw it down the stairs before he left.

McClendon anger in certain situations could be from how much passion he has for the game, and his team. In April of 2014 the MLB had just started having instant replay available to review calls. when McClendon thought that runner Tyler Smith was safe, and veteran umpire Chad Witson called a force out by the second baseman. Upon a two and a half minute review, the play was over turned and Smith was given second base. It was the next play that would prove the difference in the game, the Mainers scored in that play to take the lead, and go on to take the game 6-5.

McClendon may have a history of blowups, but he seems to have his teams best interest at heart, and the Mariners do not always blow the game from his infamous temper. He said in the press conference he went out in Tuesdays game to help out his catcher, he was a part of the team, and he had to have his back. He said he tried to get out there as fast as he could, but it all happened too fast.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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