Michael Keaton Still a Hero Off the Screen


Former Batman, Michael Keaton proves that he is still a hero off the screen. He come to the rescue of his favorite baseball team after noticing one of the players had been receiving constant criticism from someone in the stand and dealt with the situation himself. The crowd around him had nothing but praise for his heroic move.

Friday night at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia the Pittsburgh Pirates played against the Braves. Keaton was seated in the dugout of his favorite team, the Pirates while enjoying a good game. His day had definitely been made when one of his favorite players, A.J Burnett who also happens to be a Batman enthusiast, had given the former caped hero an autographed ball. The ball also had the message, “To Batman From Batman. Thanks for paving the road ahead!” Keaton had uploaded this to his Instagram page.

The game seemed to be going well, but there will always be rowdy and passionate fans who can’t stand if their team is losing. Sometimes they get too angry and begin shouting at the players. A Braves fan who happened to be sitting in the Pirates dug out was constantly trash talking on Andrew McCutchen throughout the game loudly. Being extremely close to the field, the player was obviously able to hear a lot of what was being said. Instead of going to the stands and confronting the bickering fan, McCutchen let actions speak louder than words. During the eight inning, he hit an RBI double in response to all of the criticism. McCutchen signaled him while on second base – he made the gesture of cupping his hand on his ear which suggested the acknowledgement of not hearing any bickering coming from the fan.

Little did the baseball player now that he had the caped crusader on his side as an ally. Keaton proved to still be a hero off the screen when he decided to handle the situation of the bickering Braves fan.  He swooped in to where the Braves fan was sitting and justice was served. Keaton gave him a piece of his mind which had caught the attention of nearby people. There has yet to be any disclosure of what were the actual words spoken, but posts on twitter showed the excitement from the heroic gesture. After finishing with his short speech of justice, Keaton delivered one last “punch” as the icing on a cake. Before leaving, he pointed over to the scoreboard which revealed the Pirates had won 10-8.

McCutchen also had something in mind for the Braves fan. Towards the end of the game, he came over and gave the fan his batting gloves. McCutchen had mentioned in an interview that it surprises him how people have the audacity to loudly trash talk throughout the game. He also says the same people treat players like animals on the zoo and don’t expect them to actually have a response.

The Pirates versus Braves game was definitely a memorable experience for many fans when justice was served for the winning team. Keaton, the former Batman, had proven he was still a hero off the screen when taking a stand to defend a player under the attack of a bickering fan.

By Frank Grados


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