Naked Miley Cyrus Proves Hannah Montana Is Dead


Just like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus is definitely comfortable in her own skin and loves to prove it exhibition style as shown in her Wrecking Ball Video. She is taking great strides to break free from the Disney Hannah Montana persona, working hard to prove that those days are dead, using her nakedness.

Cyrus owns everything she does, it does not matter if she is performing, making art, twerking or gluing eyeballs to her butt cheeks. She is certainly a sight. Karly Rayner says that she admires her with her nip freeing, neon lunacy and blunt honking. The following is Rayner’s favorite Cyrus moments of nakedness that prove that Hannah Montana is dead.

10. My Neck, My Back, My Ganja and My Crack!

Cyrus’ performance of the anthem My Neck, My Back got 337,000 clicks. Rayner appreciates the butterflies covering her nips but said she did not reach the peak of the filth that was in the original music video.

9. Slip and Slice

Cyrus in a red leotard that looks like dental floss cutting her in half.


8. The Circle Twerk

There is no escaping the 360-degree twerk.

7. Kim and Proper

Cyrus channeled her inner Lil Kim, wearing the half outfit with the pasty covering the other side of herself. Lil Kim wore the exact same style outfit at the 1999 VMA Awards.

6. Miley Monroe

Icon Mario Testino put some Hollywood glamor into Cyrus for her Vogue Germany’s cover shoot.

5. She’s Naked on a Wrecking Ball!

Rayner believes Wrecking Ball to be her best song thus far. The video that goes with the song that she calls art has her swinging naked on the wrecking ball. A definite break from anything Disney there, according to Rayner.

4. Blunting Beauty

Pictures of her in the tub smoking a blunt. Hannah Montana would not have ever smoked weed. Her antics, although wild were drug-free.

3. The Buttocks Has Eyes

The 22-year-old star truly understanding the importance of eye contact glued googly eyes to her buttocks, around her leotard.

2. So Wet and So Clean, Clean

She has not quite perfected the bubble bikini, but she keeps trying.

1. Cyrus Out Stages Robin Thicke with Her Giant Foam Finger

Although Rayner does not believe it to be the controversial star’s proudest moment, it was certainly the most shocking move in her VMA performance She gyrated her twerking derriere on Robin Thicke. And enjoyed her foam finger.

Hannah Montana Video

Before she shocked everyone with her near nude twerking, she was a little girl waiting for her first break in show business. Cyrus’ audition tape for Hannah Montana has been leaked to the media. A far cry from the sexually driven, drug-promoting star seen onstage today. Reminding the world that Cyrus is still a country girl at heart.


Wearing jeans and a t-shirt singing her little heart out with her proud father playing guitar. She has certainly taken a wild ride even though it was not all by chance as she is the daughter of the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus.

She landed the role as Hannah Montana in 2006 and remained with the popular Disney show until 2011. Then she took the stage of music by storm with multiple hit albums all over the world. Cyrus, however, did not start to break records until 2013 with the release of Bangerz. Her performance at the VMA Awards, twerking against Robin Thicke nearly broke the Internet and will possibly remain her most infamous performance or at least the beginning of Hannah Montana’s actual death.

After her world tour got headline attention galore, she is working on her current LP. It appears as if Cyrus has broken free from her Disney days.

Cyrus’ most current behavior, posting Instagram pictures of her bikini summer as her Hannah Montana audition tape is going viral. The bikini pictures are the final nail in Hannah Montana’s coffin, proving that Hannah Montana’s death is final while Cyrus is not quite naked. She continues to enjoy showing off her tanned and toned body.

According to the Daily Mail, the bikini photos on Instagram started last Monday. It is actually a new summer campaign for a premiere she is taking part. The Instagram photographs are her way of revealing her new hosiery brand Golden Lady. Showing herself in a bikini drinking a soda in the kitchen still in punk rock fashion.

The bikini photos are making headlines everywhere as is the Hannah Montana audition tape that is the “branding” Cyrus seems to be making clear she has grown up and is using her naked body to prove that Hannah Montana is truly dead, at least to her.

The ex-Disney star makes headlines for her haircuts, clothing style, tattoos, piercings, and relationships. Cyrus has become one of the world’s most controversial stars since her Wrecking Ball video. Cyrus wants to prove that Hannah Montana is dead and the release of her audition tape and of her Instagram bikini shots is certainly revealing.

By Jeanette Smith

Edited by Maurice Cassidy


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