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Whether it is an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows phone, users can access Microsoft Wi-Fi through it. Consumers can use this Wi-Fi even if they do not use a Windows 10, but a Mac instead. That is just part of the beauty of the new technology. The uniqueness behind the new Wi-Fi is that it will let users access 10 million hotspots in 130 countries. An interactive map will help locate the nearest hotspot. This service caters to the needs of today’s world. What does that mean, exactly? What is a hotspot?

When users want to access the Internet through their cell-phone they are obligated to select Wi-Fi options, and if the option in their current location requires a password, they better find out what that password is. Some places offer free Internet without the need for a password to access it. Most places do not offer this though, and if users do not have any way of finding out the password to access the Internet, they have to use their data. Data is limited and users do not like using it up. Hotspots are areas where Internet access is available, and if users sign up for the Microsoft Wi-Fi, they will have access to the 10 million hotspots of Internet. Laptop users can also access these hotspots once they have signed up for the service.

A notable benefit of the Wi-Fi service is that users have to sign in only once, and then their technology will be recognized in hotspots. A possible downside is that users would have to initially buy a Microsoft product to access the technology. There are eligibility requirements to receive the service.

However, this technology still looks like a bright idea because it allows Microsoft to cater to modern needs. The frustration that comes with not being able to access the Internet anytime and anywhere affects millions of people. As difficult as it is to admit, the modern generation has been spoiled by the opportunities that the latest technology provides. When the Internet takes a few extra seconds to load, frustration begins to boil. Additionally, when there is no access to the Internet, it can ruin a person’s mood. The generation has grown accustomed to being able to access any site it wants, at anytime that it wants, and if that regularity is hindered, action has to be taken. The fear that data will be used up and unavailable in times of emergencies drives people to look for available Wi-Fi wherever they can. Microsoft holds the key to catering to this demanding generation. It is more than a want to access the Internet, it is a need now that the globe has accustomed itself to requiring the Internet often. Classes are taught, meetings are held, plans are made, and vital data is kept online.

Microsoft understands the need for people to fill every second of potential boredom with Internet access. Hotspots will be very helpful for people who need immediate access to their Internet-based applications. For example, if someone travels a lot, their Maps application will be immeasurably useful and necessary to them. If the company continues to cater to public needs and modifies its products to be more accessible, it can sell these items well.

However, it is possible that Microsoft’s requirement to access its Wi-Fi service actually simultaneously promotes its other products. Either users think the Wi-Fi service is not worth buying a Microsoft product for and decide against it, otherwise, buyers who are on the fence over investing in a useful Microsoft item (such as Office 365) will go ahead and buy that product and enjoy its benefits along with the expanded Wi-Fi services. People who use Microsoft products are probably more tech-savvy and have a higher need for Wi-Fi, versus a feeble desire to scroll through Instagram on a car ride. Either way, the Microsoft Wi-Fi caters to the needs of the modern generation, and a sizable number of consumers will flock to the service.

By Tania Dawood


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