Microsoft Corporation Gigantic 84-Inch Surface Hub Will Spice Up Conference Rooms for a Hefty Price

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation’s newest technology for the office will spice up the conference room and delight business owners, but the gigantic 84-inch Surface Hub comes at a hefty price. Priced at $20,000, the Surface Hub is a touchscreen, high-end PC that will use the newest Windows 10. The Surface Hub also comes in a smaller size of 55 inches for a much lower price. Starting on July 1, businesses can order the Hub for shipment starting in September. The device will allow for oversized presentations in an office environment, and will even allow users to invite business contacts through computer programs, such as Skype, to share their screen with over-the-network viewers. The 84-inch giant also has many other features which will work great in the corporate world.

Though Microsoft Corporation has apparently had a difficult time expanding their new Windows 10 to other devices, especially mobile, they have now created a giant that will host their new version. The Surface Hub was introduced to the public at a Windows 10 event they hosted in January, in which Microsoft Corporation introduced two new devices, the Surface Hub and the HoloLens.

The HoloLens was what sources called the best of show, as it was Microsoft Corporation’s “experiment in augmented reality computing.” Focusing on high-definition holographs, the HoloLens is a device worn around the head that functions as a “see through holographic computer” which Microsoft says will let a person merge reality and holograms for a “mixed reality.” Though users seem to like this technology better, it is mostly because the Surface Hub is clearly not meant for the consumer market.

Though it may one day be something in which consumers are interested for personal use, Microsoft Corporation’s Surface Hub comes with a hefty price tag, which means that the gigantic 84-inch computer will probably only be spicing up conference rooms and making its debut for business use. The 55-inch version of the Surface Hub may be of interest to consumers, however, as its price tag is only $7000, according to sources, but with the features that the Surface Hub has, it will most likely be interesting only businesses for a while.

With two cameras that sit on both sides of the screen, those who are attending the meeting through telecommute can see everyone in the room. The microphone installed is designed to follow voices, so as to show the person speaking clearly on the screen. Many of the apps pre-installed on the computer are meant for office use. Though the Nvidia graphics card and Intel core processor are much like what would be found in any of the latest computers, the Surface Hub sets itself apart by allowing the user to sync Windows files and programs with any Android or iOS device.

Microsoft CorporationThe corporate vice president at Microsoft Corporations, Michael Anguilo, said that it was important to the company to create something for the conference room, as he had noticed that the conference room was the only place where “technology hadn’t made much of a dent.” Microsoft Corporation’s chance buy of businesses, such as the 2012 buyout of Perceptive Pixel, made their giant Hub possible. The company is expecting the Surface Hub to do well, even with its price tag, saying that many companies who have already bought gigantic screens have paid $100,000 for them. So far, three companies have already arranged to buy the Surface Hub.

Microsoft Corporation’s gigantic Surface Hub is an 84-inch computer with a hefty price of $20,000, but it is sure to spice up conference rooms in the future, as it will bring new and improved technology to businesses around the globe. Both it and its 55-inch sibling are expected to be shipped in September, as branches of Microsoft Corporation are working hard to put the technology out for all of the companies that may be willing to pay a large price for great technology and office convenience.

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