Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 Gets an Amazing Image

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 gets an amazing image, via YouTuber Khaos VFX. The company unveiled earlier this week the Windows 10 wallpaper, which some users liked. Microsoft invests much of the platform’s wallpaper, which will be seen by billions of users upon starting up their computers. It is about appearance, so the project requires creativity and intelligence.

A recent post from the YouTuber shows how the Windows 10 wallpaper was created in After Effect. Although not a hundred percent similar, the resulting image is close and looks very good.

With Windows 10 coming, everyone’s default wallpaper in their computer is about to change. Microsoft Windows platform image has remained the wallpaper of many people’s computers, while other platforms did not have the chance of more screen time. Microsoft’s Windows XP in 2001 with the sunshiny, idyllic and blissful photo of Sonoma County by Charles O’Rear tops the most deserving wallpaper to remain in people’s computers, according to Wired. Microsoft Corporation puts itself at a high bar when it comes to OS images, though it struggled with Windows 7 and 8, as well as Vista. In 2012, Microsoft Corporation changed the design of its logo to a skewed-perspective and flat window,which was different from the previous four-colored graphic.

While Windows 10 is now looming, Microsoft Corporation is unveiling a new hero image to help redefine what it means about the platform that will plan to make a big launch this year. It has a shining blue window, which will be transparent to all Windows 10 users, once they turn on their computer. Wired says the image is modern, sleek and brings a message of a creative and nimble firm that will power people’s computers to the max. Microsoft Corporation has been highlighting the things people can do with Windows 10.

Microsoft has come up with a misty, dark logo with light beaming out and around the Windows logo edges. However, the Windows 10 wallpaper does not appear to be animated; therefore, its full effect will not be available on the desktop, which is what the Microsoft video details.

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 gets an amazing image from a fan, and the new wallpaper the company has designed seems to convey the message that Microsoft is getting into more visuals again, which might set the trend to future Windows versions. The platform’s main image is small, yet significant. If people do not replace the photo with a family photo immediately, that means Microsoft wins.

For Windows 10’s wallpaper, Microsoft Corporation tapped production artist and designer Bradley G. Munkowitz (or Gmunk) for the Windows 10’s visual way of expressing Microsoft Corporation’s identity. Gmunk has been known to work on Tron: Legacy, an American sci-fi film by Walt Disney.

Gmunk, as well as Microsoft Corporation’s creative director Chris Ashworth, used the current window as a starting point, and not just a computer for the actual creation. An in-camera was utilized to create a volumetric light on Windows, together with lighting techniques. Gmunk said he wants to open up the window to see its contents, in terms of what exists there and what comes from the portal.

Gmunk and his team cut four squares into black poster board pieces, and proceeded to apply an camera-mapping technique which includes visualizing a flat 2D image in a 3D program, in order for the center pane to stay flat. The holes of the board were lined with a thin acrylic layer; following this, the projection mapped lasers, hit the holes’ interior, and mixed with the acrylic and glint as they passed through.

While Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 gets an amazing wallpaper image from a YouTuber, with Microsoft’s design Gmunk used a “crazy 50 megapixel camera,” resulting in the shooting of multiple levels of exposures using different visual effects like lasers, as well as smoke and out-of-focus effects from the lens, which are called bokeh. The final image is about 10-exposure composite, which combines various qualities of light to come up with a sense of depth.

By Judith Aparri

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen

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Photo courtesy of Ian Burt‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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