‘Minions’ Taking Over This Summer

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The Minions have previously acted in supporting roles in the two Despicable Me films. While they were intended as secondary characters, they quickly stole the show. Now, Minions is taking over the series as Minions are featured in their very own film this summer.

The movie has already been released in a number of other countries. Deadline reports that the film has debuted No. 1 in every country except Australia where it was only behind Jurassic World. They note that Minions has not hit theaters in America yet because Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out was just released. The two companies have spaced out the dates because these are both high-profile family films.

HitFix explains that the Minions are the perfect characters for widespread success. They do not speak or communicate except through actions that make them easily understood for any audience. Hitfix says their slapstick comedy and nonverbal communication also makes them appeal to children. Deadline claims that when kids are out for summer they will see more movies.

In the Despicable Me films, the little guys played henchmen to the self-proclaimed villain Gru. Gru ends up actually being a good guy and adopts three little girls. However, many have argued that the little guys stole the show. Consequently, Universal has featured them their own movie. Therefore, this summer will lead to Minions taking over.

In the third official trailer for the film, the narrator explains how the henchmen have been around since the beginning of time. They have always looked for a villain to work for. The trailer shows them traveling through time to first work for a dinosaur and then a caveman. However, the narrator claims they have a problem keeping a job.

The trailer shows how they have tried to keep their masters alive but for one reason or another they end up dying. The dinosaur falls into a lava pit, and a Napoleon-like character’s sword ends up falling and killing him. Eventually, in the 1960s, the yellow creatures run into Scarlett Overkill.

MinionsOverkill is the villain in this film and is voiced by Sandra Bullock of The Blindside and Gravity. This is the first time Bullock has performed a voiceover for an animated character, according to IMDB. Her character ends up hiring the henchmen in this film. Overkill’s husband Herb is voiced by Jon Hamm of Mad Men.

Before Overkill, who is the world’s first female super-villain, the henchmen were depressed and looking for work. While serving her, their new mission becomes saving all Minions from extinction. This story was written by Brian Lynch who is known for Hop.

The trailers promise silly, slapstick fun and jokes from the much-adored Minions. Perhaps that is why this film is already doing very well in international markets.

Minions is a product of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. Business Insider reports that Universal Pictures is dominating the box office so far this year. They have released several films, including Jurassic World and Pitch Perfect. Both had great opening weekends with Jurassic World becoming No. 1 in many markets. Business Insider reports that the newest movie will only add to their success this year.

On July 10, 2015, Minions will be released in the theaters throughout the US, predictably taking over the summer box office. Industry experts presume the film will do tremendously well.

By Megan Hellmann


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