Twitter Account Hack Hits Katie Hopkins

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A Twitter account hack has now hit TV personality, Katie Hopkins. Her account has tweets that promise readers a link to a sex tape. Hopkins has been involved in some controversies for posting offensive tweets and this time it seems that someone is preying on her social media account.

The former contestant of Celebrity Big Brother had her profile photo changed to an unflattering image taken during the time she gained weight for a TLC programme. Her handle was changed to “jiggly jaws Katie.” Claims of her having a sex tape were tweeted after the hack. A suspected hacker named Phil Olbison unfollowed all users in Hopkins follow list and told people to retweet if they thought she deserved it. The hacker seemed to have erased Hopkins tweets and sent rude and more offensive posts about her alleged sexual preferences which have been shared across through social media. One tweet said, “Thanks for 200 retweets fam! Here’s the sex tape link.”

Entertainment news website OK! said that being outspoken on social media has not gained Katie Hopkins any friends, and it looks like she has annoyed the wrong person this time. Hopkins was named “Britain’s most hated woman.” According to Yahoo, many think she has deserved the hack. The Twitter account hack that has hit Katie Hopkins is but a harmless karma, the website said.

Hopkins drew public attention in the 2006 series of the reality game show, The Apprentice, but her controversial opinions are what made her famous with news services, twitter and other social media outlets. The Telegraph UK has a compilation of some of her derogatory comments. She is known for comparing herself to other mothers who do not work for a year after giving birth. Hopkins was back to work after three weeks of giving birth, and she wonders why other women do not do the same.

Kate also said that she would not employ obese individuals as they might just give people engaged with her business the wrong impression. Reports claim she says fat people looks lazy. Hopkins also described working women as really competitive, jealous and “vicious in the workplace.”

Just recently, the Mirror reported that Katie offended Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa when she called their baby girl a “hairy spider.” With a photo of the couple’s baby Ella, she wrote she is scared by hairy babies as they are like “finding a spider on your pillow.”

The baby’s father hit back by writing, “How can YOU call anything scary when you look like this…” displaying Katie’s photo with more hair that is let loose. He added, “Do not talk about my daughter for retweets you pathetic desperate human being! Ta!” Mom Jacqueline, ex EastEnders star also wrote, “Writing nasty comments about babies is just so WRONG! Don’t ever post a picture of me and my child again, it’s very odd.”

TOWIE star Ricky Rayment commented that Hopkins deserved her Twitter account hack. It was then followed by an exchange of tweets. Hopkins’ account tweeted not to let her drop Ricky’s nudes where he replied that he sent those privately. The hacker then hit Ricky’s manhood.

Hopkins has offended many as a loud-mouthed columnist with her offensive remarks, according to the Daily Mail. For instance, in July 2013, she earned a number of haters after she revealed that she judged the classmates of her children by their names. This year, the outspoken ex-star of Apprentice said she feared being murdered over her intriguing views. She was allegedly advised by the police to tighten security at her home after receiving death threats. Others believe that making controversial remarks are her way of getting public attention.

With regard to the Twitter account hack violating Katie Hopkins, a police spokesman said he was not aware of any complaint being made. Hopkins could not be reached for comment, and her website was down at the time this report was being written.

By Judith Aparri

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