Samsung Gear VR Brings Back Ancient Ocean to Life [Video]

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR brings back Earth’s ancient ocean to life when Samsung Group, Atlantic Productions and Natural History Museum join together to produce virtual reality storytelling, an experience that they are touting as the first ever in the world. Gear VR showcased the earliest inhabitants of Earth at London’s Natural History Museum. David Attenborough’s First Life is a fresh and fully immersive experience that will bring to life natural history with Samsung cinematic VR technology.

David Attenborough’s First Life reveals the dawn of life on Earth 540 million years back. This has been made possible through a partnership with Atlantic Productions and its Alchemy VR studio. The latest research of the museum with its long-extinct animals, such as Opabinia, Anomalocaris, and worm-like Hallucigenia are brought to life in a 15-minute fully immersive exploration.

Visitors are carried through the seas of the ancient world during the experience with Sir David Attenborough’s narration, using Samsung’s most recent wearable tech, Gear Innovator Edition VR headsets, and with the Galaxy S6 phone, powering the headset. Atlantic Productions CEO Anthony Geffen shared the news that David Attenborough’s First Life virtual reality encounter marks VR storytelling while the most celebrated naturalist in the world guided the audience through an ancient ocean. Geffen said they are happy to pioneer the technology in their partnership with the Natural History Museum and Samsung.

Samsung Gear VR, the headset that brings back ancient ocean to life in the National History Museum event, belongs to a new category in the tech space – VR headsets. Samsung’s bet just like the others has drawbacks. There is the battery drain problem which occurs because the headset takes much energy from the smartphone’s battery, so the user needs to have a charger handy. While Facebook’s Oculus Rift will accommodate eyeglasses in their headset which is coming early next year, Gear VR does not have that feature as of yet. Gear VR likewise has the issue of lens fog.

Priced $199, Samsung Gear VR measures 196.1 x 98.5 x 82.8 mm and solves the VR mobility issues. According to TechRepublic, it is sophisticated with numerous sensors and it is easy to use, as its user does not to be techy. One just has to plug it into the smartphone.

Compared to other VR headsets, Gizmag said Samsung Gear VR has the edge and a bit safe spot in the virtual reality sphere. It does its job well by delivering immersive experiences with Samsung’s content platform. While other VR headsets are bulky, Gear VR is smaller and its strap is designed to have its weight more evenly distributed to the user’s face – padded. The Gear VR looks quite friendly. Putting it on or adjusting it is easy.

Samsung Gear VR’s trackpad is better defined, with a dot in the center, so users can find it easily. Trackpads are important in VRs as they are the main tools to navigate the interface in the absence of a gamepad. VRs face the challenge of how to keep users’ zest, but Samsung addresses that with apps – games like Rocket Toss and BluVR, as well as other apps like Milk VR, Omega Agent, and others.

Meanwhile, Natural History Museum Director Sir Michael Dixon said they are looking for new ways to dare the way people look at the natural world’s past, present, and where it is heading. Dixon said they know that VR tech can transport people to impossible places. This is a compelling example of how the world and museum experience can be revolutionized by technology.

Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland President Andy Griffiths said that their new experience is a good example of how the museum is placed at the forefront of innovation. He said they believe technology is important in enhancing digital learning and helps people “discover the natural world like never before.”

By Judith Aparri

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  1. Will   June 23, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Naggy nipickery I know, but Gear VR for the S6 is capable of being connected to a charger while in use – this and the nub on the track pad we introduced is response to criticisms of the initial Note 4 edition.


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