National Donut Day Hallelujah

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National Donut Day

Today is the first Friday of June and that can only mean one thing. It is National Donut Day, Hallelujah. What tastes better than a fried piece of dough topped with some sprinkles or stuffed with jelley? Absolutely nothing. In honor of this nationally-renowned day, participating donut shops are offering them for free. Nothing else matters today except getting a donut – dropping everything in order to acquire the delicious treat should be an option for everyone.

Though not the healthiest choice, donuts makes for a delicious breakfast item or quick snack. National Donut Day has a very meaningful history. Counting back over 70 years during the World War I era, women who volunteered in the Salvation Army served donuts and coffee to the men who fought. It quickly became a social norm that has been passed on for years. The first Friday of every June is set aside to honor the women and various donut shops offer a free one to celebrate. Jeff Miller, an executive of Dunkin’ brands has said, “Donuts have a special place in our country’s history and culture, creating moments of delight, lifting spirits and bringing people together at work and at home. We are proud to celebrate this timeless favorite on National Donut Day with our loyal guests by once again offering a free donut with the purchase of any beverage, and pleased to share this offer with all of our donut fans all around the world.”

Dunkin’ Donuts has announced that they will be offering any free donut of the customer’s choosing. That gives everyone the opportunity to choose from 70 delicious options. This offer is only valid at participating locations which can be found through their website. There is a catch to this incredible deal however. The adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” does apply in this instance. The only way to capitalize on the free donut is to purchase a beverage first. The good news is that Dunkin’ Donuts will be introducing two new flavors – Chips Ahoy! Crunch and Chips Ahoy! Creme. Just the name sounds enticing for the cookie lovers.

Krispy Kreme is going all-out in celebrating National Donut Day, hallelujah. Without any purchases necessary, they are giving away a free donut of any variety. This offer is valid at any U.S and Canada location.

Entenmann’s, the provider of various baked goods for retailers and supermarkets is beyond excited. With a recent partnering with the Salvation Army, they held a contest for an incredible prize. Utilizing the facebook, they had created a sweepstakes where anyone could sign up for free. A winner will be announced by random and the lucky individual would be awarded free donuts for a year. Talk about National Donut Day everyday. The great part about the sweepstakes is that Entenmann’s donated one dollar for every person that signed up.

The grocery store, Winn-Dixie will be joining in on the fun as well. In-store bakeries will be offering free powdered donut holes to customers. It will be limited to one per guest. Donut holes are not as exciting as a regular donut, but it is still a free donut (hole) nonetheless.

Hallelujah indeed that National Donut Day is today. Although the offers may not be as great as the big name chains, it is wise to support local donut shops who may be participating on this day. It is usually the mom and pop shops that have the more creative home-made donuts.

By Frank Grados

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