NBA Finals: Game 6 Could This Be the End for LeBron and the Cavs?

NBA Finals: Game 6
NBA Finals: Game 6 takes place tonight, and it could be the end of the road for LeBron James and the Cavs. The game will be held on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home court this time, as they host the Golden State Warriors.

According to Jeff Ma of ESPN, the Warriors have always been favored to win especially after taking out the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving in Game 1. After that, it was predicted this would be a short series with Cleveland dropping quickly. However, the next two games proved everyone wrong.

The Cleveland Cavaliers quieted the naysayers by jumping out to an improbable lead winning the next two games in the NBA Finals. Key players James and Matthew Dellavedola stepped up to help stop the Warriors and move Cleveland ahead in the finals. Ma explains how the Cavaliers were able to win Games 2 and 3 by beating Golden State in 3-point shots. The Cavs outshot the Warriors, winning Game 2 with an overtime 3-point shot.

Conversely, the next two matches would see victories for the Warriors extending the series longer. Ma tells how in Games 4 and 5 of the NBA Finals, in that Golden State was shooting 3-pointers at a much better percentage than the Cavs. Stephen Curry and the Warriors have stepped up becoming comfortable in the series, and are now sitting with the lead going into tonight’s game.

Therefore, NBA Finals: Game 6 could be the end of the line for LeBron and the Cavs. This begs the questions do the key players have what it takes to pull out a victory. Will Cleveland extend the series to Game 7 or will Golden State finish it tonight and bring home the championship.

NBA Finals: Game 6

James’ performance throughout the NBA Finals has been impressive this year. In fact, many are calling for him to win the MVP even if the Cavs lose. Yahoo Sports details how, in Game 5 alone, he led the team in scoring with 40 points. James achieved a “triple-double” with all major stats reaching two digits, including 11 assists and 14 rebounds.

Furthermore, ESPN claimed the only thing stopping the Warrior’s leading scorer, Curry, in the first two games of the NBA Finals was the Cavaliers’ Dellavedola. Most agree that for the Cavs to achieve a win more shooters like Iman Shumpert need to be more productive on the court.

Another variable that should be in the Cavaliers’ favor is the home-court advantage. The NBA Finals: Game 6 will be held in Cleveland tonight; however, it is being reported by ESPN tickets for this match are relatively cheap for NBA Finals: Game 6 and are not selling quickly. This was stated with only hours left before the match.

The Golden State Warriors are currently in the hot seat, winning the last two games of the NBA Finals. One more victory and they will take home the championship before a seventh matchup. Ma, of ESPN, has stated the Warriors’ victories have been due to their superiority on the court with 3-point shooting. The last two bouts saw a 12 and three percent advantage over the Cavs. Ma explains this was also where the Warriors excelled in Game 1. He believes the NBA Finals: Game 6 will be determined by the team who can land the most 3-point baskets.

The New York Times reflected on the performance of the Warriors’ key players in the NBA Finals. Golden States’ Curry has led his team in scoring. In Game 5, he boasted 37 points with seven 3-point shots. Andre Iguodala also executed well for the team with 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists.

Leading into this match the Golden State Warriors are primed to finish the series tonight. Fans are expected to be watching the television closely to find out the results. Could the NBA Finals: Game 6 be the end of the line for Lebron and the Cavs or will they extend the series to a seventh game? The NBA Finals: Game 6 will air tonight at 9:00 PM ET on ABC.

By Megan Hellmann


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