Max Scherzer Embarrassed the Brewers


If it were a peewee baseball game or a recreational game that had just occurred, it would have been understandable; however, in a major game, the Brewers had feel embarrassed by the amazing performance from Max Scherzer. From the time he arrived in Washington, there was a presence about him, but to go on to strikeout 16 guys against one walk, now that could not have been imagined.

As the Brewers got an unfortunate taste of Scherzer’s skill, the Milwaukee team suffered a torturing match to the point that only one person got a hit against Scherzer. The lone hitter, Carlos Gomez was quoted in saying that he was lucky to hit the ball. He added that he did not enjoy the hit at all and stated it was not a real base hit. Although Gomez got the hit, the amazing thing was that the pitch was so quick and strong that it broke the bat. Baseball fans everywhere are now in amazement of the talents of this player.

With this performance to his name, Scherzer has to be considered a dominant force in the game. After coming to the Nationals as one of the best starters in baseball, while claiming the 2013 American League Cy Young Award, it was evident that his potential was great. His stats include a 1.93 ERA over 93 1/3 innings, while he is tied with Chris Archer for the major league lead with 113 strikeouts. He went on to have 0.88 walk and hit per innings pitched stat, which tops all starters in the league. His 8.07 strikeout to walk is rated as the second best in baseball and his opponents are hitting only .195 against him, which is the third best in the major leagues. The Brewers morale must be significantly down by the way they were embarrassed at the hands of Scherzer resulting in a 4 to 0 score on their own park on Sunday, June 14.


After a chocolate syrup shower, Scherzer stated in an interview that the moment was memorable. He went on to say that to be able to throw a shutout against a major league team was extremely tough to do. He had been pitching a long time, and this is Number two. He added that he pitched with some really good pitchers, and moments like these do not come along too often. In closing, he stated that sixteen strikeouts means that one’s stuff is on and all the hard work he had been putting in to get all his pitches as sharp as possible finally paid off.

“I was able to do that. I was able to do that all the way through pitch 120. That’s what I take pride in,” he said. With hard work, Scherzer is on the course to write his name into the hall of fame. After the way the Brewers were embarrassed, the baseball world awaits more striking moments from Max Scherzer.

Commentary by Andrew Joseph


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Photo courtesy of  Ryan Hyde’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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