New ‘ReBoot’ Series Confirmed

ReBootIt seems that kids, and some adults, of the 90’s will finally get their nostalgic dreams come true. Today, it has been announced that the popular computer-geek animated show ReBoot will get its long-awaited reboot. The short-lived Mainframe Entertainment series that spanned over two networks, four seasons, and seven years will see the light-of-day again in ReBoot: The Guardian Code. 

After years of ReBoot‘s future being in limbo, Canadian media and broadcasting company Corius Entertainment decided to greenlit the new series. What was first rumored a trilogy of sequel movies, is now becoming a full-length series for fans’ viewing pleasure. Cyrus has already ordered 26 half-hour episodes of ReBoot: The Guardian Code to be fully distributed globally by TWC and Dimenstion Television. Quite the change from the original plans to make simple sequel movies, Cyrus also looks to make changes to look of the upcoming franchise.

Announced today by Jamie Piekarz (Director of Content for Corus Kids) and Michael Hefferon (President and COO of Rainmaker Entertainment) at Banff World Musical Festival, the series will incorporate the same comedy and action that made the series so memorable, with an added twist to animation.Departing from the original concept of telling the tale of the citizens of Mainframe, the The Guardian Code departs solely from CGI and injects some live-action. Breathing some new life into the series and changing up from the original concept, the new season will be a first for the cartoon franchise.

ReBootConsidering that it has been over 13 years since the Saturday morning cartoon captivated audiences all over the globe, this coming series will have to alter the plot and technology to keep up with recent advancements. Originally created by writers Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson, and John Grace, The Guardian Code will follow the same concept about a fictional world inside the mainframe of a computer and the viruses that threaten it from functioning. Since the computing world has changed so drastically over the past two decades, it would be interesting to see how the new series will incorporate the world’s technological advances and still be able to relate to kids of a new generation.

ReBootFrom what has been released so far, the latest series will follow the adventures of four teens (Austin, Parker, Grey, and Tamra) as they discover that they are destined to become Guardians charged with the mission of defending the cyberspace from world threats. Though the kids are new to the concept of the Guardian Code, they will be receiving help from the last remaining cyberbeing from the the original series’ Guardian Program named VERA. The heroes use their newfound abilities of coding to stream into cyberspace and battle off deadly viruses released by a villainous hacker, known as the Sourcerer. Bent on world domination by controlling cyberspace and the internet, the antagonist is also set to bring back original villainous virus MegaByte.

As far the as the live-action part of the series, ReBoot: The Guardian Code will also focus on the personal lives of these young teens as they try to balance saving the world with living out their everyday lives.

No word yet on when the series will go into production or make its way to a small screen, but the news comes a pleasant surprise for new and old fans of the computer series.

By Tyler Cole

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