Nicki Minaj Allegedly Pregnant: Meek Mill Smoke-Free Concert Dead Giveaway


Nicki Minaj is reportedly pregnant and expecting her first child to rapper Meek Mill, it has been reported. According to several outlets, the Hollywood duo who have only been dating for a year, are not wasting any time when it comes to taking their relationship to the next level. The 32-year-old has been very vocal in recent interviews, admitting that she could see herself getting married and having kids in the near future — but whom the lucky guy could be, she would not say.

Insiders have since revealed that Minaj has been referring to her current fiancé all along. While Mill reportedly proposed to the Starships songstress in January, it was only natural to eventually learn Minaj was pregnant. While a rep for the couple has yet to confirm the news, reports claim that the 28-year-old has been demanding smoke-free backstage rooms at his recent live shows, which ignited the rumor to begin with.

If there’s one thing that rappers love doing when performing at shows, it would most likely be that they can do whatever they want when they get backstage and Mill is known to carry an entourage with him at all times. How awkward must it have been for him to tell his pals they could no longer smoke backstage? If true, the only way that the smoke-free concert rule would make sense is if Minaj is indeed pregnant, which quite possibly could be the case.

Fans have pointed out how the TIDAL co-owner has changed her style as of recent; several people on Twitter made it known that Minaj’s style seemed quite maternity-friendly. Others believed that she had just gained a couple of pounds and wanted to feel comfortable in her clothes, while majority of her fans were firm on the idea that with the no-smoking policy at Mill’s concerts, the ‘maternity clothes’ are being worn to hide the baby bump.

It cannot be denied that catching Minaj in a skin-tight outfit as of recent are nowhere to be found. Usually, the 32-year-old bombards her social media followers with her killer curves and booty-enhanced backside, but it has become evidently clear that the Young Money artist has taken a backseat from showing off her body and the reason behind it has become very apparent.

With the upcoming release of Mill’s latest album Dreams Worth More Than Money, it should not come as a surprise to see the couple make the big announcement right before the rapper’s music drops in stores. While the relationship has appeared quite forced upon the public with so much PDA — to the point where it does not even seem genuine — an engagement and a possible pregnancy somewhat show that this romance is legit. With Minaj heading out on her North American PinkPrint tour later this summer, her outfits are going to be carefully watched by fans who will be eager to see whether the songstress will continue wearing questionable ‘pregnancy outfits.’

By Maurice Cassidy

IBTimes: Nicki Minaj Allegedly Pregnant: Meek Mill Smoke-Free Concert Dead Giveaway


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