Pinterest Ideas Brought to Life in New FYI Series ‘We’re Moving In’


Pinterest is a social media platform that allows people to save and share photos. Typically these photos include articles, recipes and other media type content. For many individuals, Pinterest is a way to catalog and manage ideas via a virtual board. Besides recipes and beautiful images, many people use the platform to pin creative ideas for decorating, crafting or remodeling. In a new series on the FYI network, We’re Moving In, these Pinterest ideas will be brought to life.

FYI is a network known for embracing imagination, innovation and inspiration. These three aspects are a major part of what attracts people to Pinterest, and in their newest series, they are giving viewers a chance to see how one might turn that idea into reality. FYI is all about giving their viewers a chance to express their personal look, tastes and story, so We’re Moving In embraces all of the aspects of what the network believes in and shows how to realistically put a pinned idea into action.

In a press release on June 22, FYI introduced their newest series idea in which the “do-it-yourself” pins of Pinterest will be brought to life in We’re Moving In. The premise of the show is to take home decoration and renovation onto a more digital level. New housemates will be introduced to two design specialists who will help to guide them in turning the Pinterest ideas into reality. The two designers are James Connelly and Britany Simon, who will act as not only interior designers, but also as the show’s hosts.

There are always challenges when two people move in together, even if they have known each other for a long time. One of these challenges is how to blend each person’s individual styles into one cohesive design. In each of We’re Moving In‘s episodes, Connelly and Simon will meet the new housemates who are having a difficult time finding a design balance and help guide them on how best to combine their personal assets, as well as individual styles.

PinterestThe housemates will consist of roommates, newly married couples and even blended families, as they work together to make their houses, home. Inspiration for the designs and style ideas will come from Pinterest boards. Important design decisions such as making over a kitchen, choosing paint colors and even deciding what pieces of furniture get to stay and what has to go, will all be a part of the creative process.

As part of the press release the SVP of FYI’s Programming and Development, Gena McCarthy, said that the network was excited to introduce the idea of “Pinning” to the small screen. She said that instead of people just dreaming about what could be with their pinned ideas, the design team for the show will offer viewers a chance to see just how easy it can be to turn those inspiring “Pins” into reality.

We’re Moving In is produced for FYI by The Magical Elves. The executive producers of the show for The Magical Elves are Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth. The executive producers of the program for the FYI network are McCarthy, James Bolosh and Lauren Wohl.

The new FYI series, We’re Moving In, where Pinterest ideas are brought to life is set to premiere on July 14 at 10 p.m. EST. There will be six episodes that run for half an hour each.

By Kimberley Spinney


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