Chicago Blackhawks Celebration May Fly Away With the Free Agents

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Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks’ celebration continues, but may very well fly away with the free agents next season. There were a reported two million fans that attended the victory parade, and they are still rejoicing over the team’s success in the city. There were only minimal injuries reported. At present, the Chicago Blackhawks have way too many free agents to even think about a winning season in the near future.

Like any other huge parade celebration, the Blackhawks’ street festivities were no different. The city’s fire department had to give medical aid to over 40 people, with many being seen for heat-related injuries. Last Monday night (June 15) the team defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning and won the Stanley cup, with the trophy being driven through a horrible rain storm, and at high speeds through tough road conditions in order to complete the night for the players.

Daniel Carcillo, Brad Richards, Johnny Oduya, Michal Rozsival, and Antoine Vermette are the top five players who will probably not return next year, due to free agency. There are a few things the Chicago Blackhawks can do to keep a successful team for the upcoming season; the first possible solution would be to attempt negotiations with star players, if they are asking a price that is a bit fa-nominal. Even if they do lose the five top free agents they still have some young, hungry players that could possibly fill their shoes quite well. Another thing on the Blackhawks side is the amount of veteran players NHL that would prefer to be with their team.

The Chicago Blackhawks have over $64,000,000 devoted to next season’s salary cap, which is a big number, but they only currently have 11 players that are not free agents, and that is not a big number at all. Joel Queneville, the team’s coach, spoke to the Chicago Tribune and explained there was a similar problem for the Blackhawks back in 2010, when they lost more than half their team to free agency. It was not a total loss then, and it may not be so bad now, because the Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley cups since then. It is not for sure just how many players will be lost, but change is a necessary part of life especially in sports. The team dealt with major change in the past and still came out very well, so there is not a need to panic at the present situation.

Kris Versteeg, and Joakim Nordstrom did not let the end of the celebration fly away with any free agents, as they sang into the microphone And We Danced, by Macklemore. The two athletes had gotten the crowd to sing and dance along with them. They were able to make a good truly terrific, and it was for sure a moment to remember. Each player hoisted the Cup for the fans, and addressed the them at the Soldier field rally. Corey Crawford, the teams goalie, told the fans that it was an extraordinary event because of them. Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews suggested to the crowd that a fourth win would be the only thing better, and that Chicago fans were better than all other fans in the world.

There is only a possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks third Stanley cup celebration flying away with the free agents. The teams general manager was able to handle a major free agency threat in the past very well. This time, they do not stand to lose as much, so for now the celebration continues and the fans can relax and enjoy what the Blackhawks have just accomplished.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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