Microsoft Corporation Retiring Modern Skype App

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation announced in a blog post on Thursday, June 12, that it will be removing the touch-friendly modern Skype app, opting to support the desktop app instead. Windows 8 users will also have to switch to the desktop version of Skype as this change goes into effect July 7. All other versions of the Skype app will no longer exist once the modern app is officially removed.

Microsoft Corporation will be disappointing those who use Skype on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Windows 8. Note: Windows RT tablet owners’ version of Skype will not be changing.

Microsoft Corporation says that with the release of Windows 10 on July 29, it is more realistic to use the version of the Skype app that has been developed specifically for using a mouse and a keyboard, while also still being touch-screen capable. It makes more sense than using two apps for the same thing. Microsoft Corporation wants to optimize all apps for the use of a mouse and a keyboard as well as touch-screen. Skype is the first app to go through this process.

Once Skype has been downloaded, the user can sign in with the same username and password used on the modern version of the Skype app. Considering that the Windows Store version of the Skype app was created for Windows 8, which has separate interfaces for the modern UI and the desktop, this is not the case for Windows 10.

Microsoft CorporationSkype will be for calling, messaging, and video, which is quite similar to Apple’s iMessage. The Skype app integration will not be released in conjunction with Windows 10 on July 29. Microsoft will ensure that the video conferencing app will be more widely available later in the year. There is a multitude of features planned for an updated OS.

Microsoft is not offering any more details except to say that if you want to make a quick call or send a message, task-based apps will be the most effective for power users who prefer the all-in-one app. Apparently there will be others to choose from as the message ends with, “you can pick what’s right for you.”

Some people are unhappy with Microsoft Corporation, who had put much effort into convincing users that Universal Apps were the future. Now they are putting an end to the modern Skype app, leaving users with only the desktop version. Skype is a Microsoft Corporation flagship product which boasts over half a billion active users. The company is more than aware of the fact that anything that does not leave consumers happy could open the doors for developers who are eager to achieve just a fraction of the success that Microsoft has had with its communication app.

According to the Skype blog, effective July 7, Microsoft Corporation will be updating PC users with the Windows modern Skype app to the Windows Skype desktop app. Microsoft is pushing for Universal Apps as the development platform, but the Microsoft Corporation Skype team does not agree.

A Skype translator is in the planning stage as a live translating tool. The plan is to integrate the translator tool into an update for Skype on Windows from July forward. Microsoft Corporation has not commented on any other future plans that the company may have for the Skype app until the release nears. Should their decision in making this drastic change fall through, sources already predict that Microsoft could easily do a 360 and pretend the innovative move never happened.

By Jeanette Smith


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