‘Pretty Little Liars’ May Come Back From Low Viewership of Season 6 Premiere

Pretty Little Liars

After sitting through five seasons of Pretty Little Liars, fans have been eager to learn who the infamous “A” is, however, the season six premiere hit low viewership. Executive producer Marlene King announced that this season will finally bring “A’s” storyline to an end, in the mid-season finale, which gives viewers every reason to sit through the season. Pretty Little Liars will then return in 2016, for the remainder of the season, set five years into the future. Though fans do not yet know the theme for the time jump, or how “A’s” storyline will play out, knowing that the season will provide answers should be enough to attract those who have eagerly waited for “A’s” revealing, spawning rumors among enthusiasts as everyone has their own idea of who is behind the torment of Ali, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna.

With the second episode of season six premiering on Tuesday night, Pretty Little Liars may come back from the low viewership which it received when the first episode of the season aired on June 2. At only 2.38 million the first episode of season six brought in 13 percent less viewership than episode one of season five. The premiere’s 2.38 million views was also the lowest amount of views brought in for the season premiere, in Pretty Little Liars history, beating the previous record set by the very first episode of the show.

So why did Pretty Little Liars receive such a low rating on June 2, and will it come back from the low viewership it suffered in the season six premiere, the season which has been deemed the “summer of answers” and may put an end to all rumors by providing those answers? Possibly, yes. If some of the statements that circulated social media are correct, some fans say that the reason they did not watch was because they did not know the show was coming back on that date. Stating that ABC Family did not promote the return of the show, enough so that viewers would know it was airing, many fans stated that they will continue watching as the season continues. However, other statements on social media reflected a disappointment in the writers of the show, claiming that no one is watching season six because the storyline changed and now “the show sucks.”

Pretty Little LiarsOnly episode two will tell if fans simply just did not know. If the viewership raises quite a bit from its drop then producers will know that people either could not make time to watch the premiere or did not know it was happening. If viewership continues to be low, it may be a good thing that the producers and writers are wrapping up the “A” story. Through all of the drama that the characters of Pretty Little Liars have gone through, it could possibly be that fans are just not into the show anymore.

Due to the frustration that fans have expressed about Pretty Little Liars change in storyline, which has been keeping the infamous “A” from being revealed for a prolonged duration, executive producer King stated that she felt fans frustration, halfway through the fifth season. This, she said, is what prompted her to move the revealing of “A”, which was suppose to occur in the sixth season finale, to the mid-season finale. King told sources that all of the “loose ends” which have been left from all of the previous five seasons will slowly be tied up over the course of “A’s” revealing in season six. This caused the producers to have to create the theme for the second half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6, which will now be set in the future.

According to sources, King’s estimate of how slowly time has moved throughout the seasons means that the girls in the show are still living in 2010. This gave her the idea to bring back the second half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 set five years in the future. This will allow the characters to have developed into the same year as the viewers. It will also help transition the show into the seventh season, which will be the final season. Though fans do not yet know how this theme will go, it could prove to be pretty interesting.

Though the season six premiere of Pretty Little Liars had low viewership, it may be able to come back in numbers for the remainder of the season, especially as this season promises to reveal “A’s” identity, and tie together all of the pieces that have been brought about from seasons one through five. Now that viewers know that the show is back on the air, more may tune in for the second episode on June 9th. Even if the storyline has changed, viewers may enjoy getting answers to all of the questions that Pretty Little Liars has created for viewers, over the years. As well, sources state that the show is still the top rated among women ages 12-34 and is still one of the most talked about shows on social media.

By Crystal Boulware


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  1. shakira   February 7, 2017 at 8:00 am

    dear pretty little liars you cloud stop charlie And he is a team when you guys going to your prom dress outfits And when you have a date with you guys to been ready to stop charlies when you guys talk about the plioce about what is happend next night about Charles And Shane file talk about what is happend with shane file talk about aria Montgomery talk about aria Montgomery try to killed shane file And when aria Montgomery get a gun to shoot shane file at the movies theaters and when you guys want to new York city with Alison talk about next nigth with her father show up with the plioce to share anymore about some information about Alison to And when you guys be with Alison father talk about Charles And Jason talk about their frindeship And Alison mother in a movie clip to share with Alison and Jason to see their brother name is Charles go to the prom with Alison to see her brother was before meet each other to help

  2. [email protected]   June 11, 2015 at 11:10 am

    we are suppose to believe that a is revealed, on pll?

    this could go on till they are grown ups, a will still follow them,

    like gossip girls followed all the highschool students, through their


    the girl who was kidnapped before Alison, could be a.

    pll isn’t going anywhere, unless they end it now, and bring new episodes

    with new characters, and re do the show for next year…

  3. cindy   June 9, 2015 at 6:22 am

    I love Pretty Little Liars and I’m way over the age of 34. I have enjoyed ever season and people need to be patient and just enjoy what Miss King has created. When the show finally ends it will be so depressing to have nothing to look forward to on Tuesday evenings. I say hats off to the directors and producers!


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