Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs Allegedly Cancel Wedding: Family Dislikes FKA?


Robert Pattinson’s summer wedding to FKA Twigs may be canceled altogether following reports claiming that the actor’s siblings are unhappy with his decision in wanting to marry the British-songstress. Several outlets are alleging that Pattinson and his sisters Lizzy and Victoria do not get along with Twigs because she has come across as someone who is seeking for opportunities rather than real love.

Pattinson’s family would never interfere in his personal life, but think that marrying the relatively known musician will bring nothing but unhappiness in his life. It is believed that certain members of the family, including the actor’s sisters, are mainly basing their opinions from what has been reported about Twigs in the press.

Back in February, it was reported that the 29-year-old was beginning to spend thousands of dollars a week on luxury gifts for his fiancee, a claim which was first made by OK! magazine. It was then stressed that during his four-year relationship to Kristen Stewart, Pattinson would rarely go out of his way and splash ridiculous amounts of money to make his former girlfriend happy because Stewart was a simple girl who did not require much, the source concluded.

While nobody in the family has ever approached Pattinson and asked whether rumors of him spending thousands of dollars on Twigs is true, Lizzy and Victoria are not close to their brother’s fiancee. At this given point, the twosome had hoped that they would have built a connection with one another, similar to the one the sisters had with Stewart — someone who both siblings were fond of. Following the actress’ cheating scandal, things started going downhill, yet Pattinson’s family adored the 25-year-old. They loved her for being private and not ever seeing the need to draw attention to her love life.

According to CelebDirtyLaundry, his sisters will try and convince him to call the wedding off altogether, assuring him that marrying Twigs is not the way forward. She has not blended in with the family, but still wants to go ahead with a spectacular wedding in London. There is no way Lizzy and Victoria will approve of the marriage without even having a good picture of who Twigs is, an insider confirmed. As of now, the only thing the family knows about Twigs is that she is a singer and she happens to be engaged to their relative.

This new piece of wedding drama between the Hollywood couple comes just days after it was alleged that Stewart had been sent an invite to the duo’s ceremony later this year, igniting an explosive war between Twigs and her soon-to-be husband. Sources continue to report that a possible reconciliation between Stewart and Pattinson is still not being ruled out while plans for the forthcoming wedding are looking to be scrapped if Lizzy and Victoria get their way. They view Twigs as a stranger who seems to have made poor efforts in getting to know the family while she allegedly continues to pocket Pattinson’s hard-earned money.

By Maurice Cassidy


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