Shawn Mendes’ New Video Release for ‘Stitches’ [Recap/Review/Video]


On June 19, Shawn Mendes posted to his Facebook page that he would be releasing an updated version of his Stitches music video. In the post the singer says that the response to the song had been so positive that he and his team felt that it was a good idea to put out a new video starring him that was more hardcore than the first video released for the song. Not only that, but he also says that he was able to do some acting in this version which he could not wait for his fans to watch. Leading up to the premiere of the new video, the singer teased the release and hyped up fans for what was to come. On June 24, Mendes released the new video for his song Stitches, which now features the singer as the focal point.

In the original video released for Stitches, the star of the video was a girl in her home who wakes up to find a letter by her bedside. As Mendes begins singing, the girl reads the letter and walks to her kitchen to burn the note in a pot on her stove. She then puts her headphones on and starts dancing around her house. This brings her from the kitchen to the living room and into the bathroom. From there she ends up putting on face powder and playing in the closet, trying on a hat and flinging some of the clothes off the shelves. Once in the bedroom again, the girl takes off the headphones and lets the feathers fly, before journeying back to the living room to apparently write her own letter. Once her letter is complete she dances around a bit more, puts on her shoes and jacket, grabs the letter and walks out of the house. She then drops the letter a the door and walks off with a smile on her face.

The original video released for Mendes’ Stitches was considered to be a more romantic take on the song, whereas the new version is much more violent and dramatic. In the newest video, once more there is only a solitary person in the video, except in this case it is Mendes himself.

The new video opens with Mendes driving into an empty parking garage. Once the singer parks the car and exits the vehicle, the lyrics of the song begin and he starts to walk away. As he walks though, the singer begins to get abused and beaten by an invisible force that many attribute to a broken heart. There are moments where the singer just remains down as the song continues, but then he is once more up and trying to move forward. Every single time Mendes is thrown back until he is bloody and bruised. At one point he ends up smashing the window of the car, and even going through a wall. The video ends with the singer in the bathroom splashing water on his face only to look up at the last second to find his face is not longer bloody and beaten.

This new version of the Stitches video is intensity and raw passion. There is such a drastic difference between the first video and this new one that is virtually night and day. In the first video the depiction is more about freedom and perhaps even peace. In this new video, the story is darker and more about the heartbreak that the lyrics are describing.

In Mendes’ new video released for Stitches, the singer has completely shifted away from the romance associated with the song originally. In fact, while some may laugh at the “acting” in the new music video, for others it is a physical representation of what heartbreak is. This video depicts that fight over one’s heart in a very visual manner. While, the new Stitches video may not appeal to all viewers, it still brings a new depth to the very song itself.

Review by Kimberley Spinney


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