South Africa Julius Malema Not Clowning Around

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South Africa

Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party of South Africa disrupts parliament again and is not clowning around when signing “Payback the Money,” which is aimed at President Jacob Zuma. Zuma did not have any time to answer questions due to the rowdy EFF members who are still chanting an old song. More pressing issues need to be raised and answers to Africa’s current problems need to be addressed yet Malema is adamant that the Nkandla story is not over.

The EFF members deny obstructing parliament, however, Malema did confirm that there will be no retreat from the Nkandla issue and the money spent on upgrades on the president’s homestead. Although the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party of South Africa, has acquitted the president of any wrongdoing over the vast amounts spent on Nkandla, Malema strongly opposes the ruling.

The ruling ANC party is deeply worried about the activities leading to the sudden and unfortunate adjournment of parliament. The National Assembly is a forum where parties, representing  diverse views, discuss and resolve matters in an attempt to move the country forward. The ANC believe the incident of the EFF party is an attack on democracy and the constitution of South Africa.

The EFF are misleading the people into believing the disruptions of Parliament are in favor of good governance. It is the obsessive hatred of Zuma that causes the continuous disruptions and in doing so, it disrupts the critical debates of pressing issues. Malema would do well to engage in a discussion and tackle problems relating to unemployment, energy crisis, service deliveries, and many more pressing issues in South Africa.

In South Africa, there have been many disruptions in parliament over the past two years, and the EFF are the main culprits. No serious business is discussed or debated as each time Malema and followers will disrupt the session singing the same tune.

The EFF party was a spin-off from the ANC when Malema was banned from the ruling party. The new party was formed to challenge the principles of the ANC, yet, the mandate of the EFF is socialist and unruly. Zuma groomed Malema who in the past was the most ardent supporter of the president, yet the years have shown that loyalty within the ANC does have a price.

Malema is a clown, and the ignorant masses love the manner in which the EFF present the law. It is a cowards way of scoring cheap political points. The whole issue of money spent on Nkandla is over, Zuma will not pay back any money and Malema forgets the benefits he received as president of the ANC youth league. The EFF party does not have a strategy and purpose. The ANC have the majority seats in parliament and the six percent held by the EFF reflects their weak political strength.

Malema and the EFF members are acting with a boys club behavior and a gangster mentality. There is no respect for the proceedings and the country. The noises the EFF makes is indeed an empty jar of nothing.

The image of South Africa is daunting, and the fools of parliament sent out a message of stupidity to the entire world. A political party should represent the wishes and aspirations of the people but when the intention bring divisions and anarchy, then there is nothing the party contributes toward the development of the country.

There is an abuse of power, and the speaker of the house does protect Zuma. Perhaps the EFF are using the tool of disruption and sending out a message to the people  of South Africa, who undermine the democratic principles. President Zuma does have the notion that all institutions are controlled by the ANC regarding the Nkandla report, and the EFF is hellbent on using whatever means it has to overturn the ruling on wasteful expenditure at Nkandla. There has never been a positive outcome in the past when Zuma was questioned on Nkandla spending and even though it might appear to be over and done with the EFF will ensure that there is more exposure to this report.

Opinion by Laura Oneale
News24 – EFF won’t back down over “pay back the money.”

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