South Africa the Faults of Black Empowerment Policies

South Africa

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) party of South Africa implemented Black Broad-Based Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policies, and the faults within this enablement continue to raise poverty within the country. In the 21 years of ANC rule, there have been laws passed for the benefit of the elite only while the majority continues to suffer untold misery. The government will say BBBEE is a meaningful change for South Africa, and this is a contradiction. These black empowerment policies implemented in South Africa have many faults, and will only make things worse for the country.

In South Africa, there is no democracy, there is only power hunger black dictators who compete to see who can stay in power the longest. Leaders that rape and pillage the country, to keep people both in poverty and uneducated. Foreigners from South America or the Far East are welcomed in South Africa and able to secure employment, yet white South Africans are rejected from the workplace. The greatest problem with the BBBEE policy is that more emphasis is given to the color of skin than on skills. The government is of the opinion that the BBBEE policy addresses inequality, but in fact only worsens the problems. It is a racist law that restricts the economy; great for the shortsighted, but stupid for those with a vision of real democracy.

The mantra of the ANC is “we want.” and what the ANC do not want is to encourage the majority to strive to be successful. It is far easier to demand from what others have achieved in the past. The last 21 years have shown no progress, and it is a wonder South Africa is still ticking over. When the ANC were given the country to steer into democracy, the Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action laws were implemented; when this failed, the ruling party quickly changed to BBBEE. In effect, the change gives the ANC government the power to measure how black people are benefiting from a broad range of economic elements within the public and private sector.

BBBEE is all about the majority of blacks taking over successful companies, through government coercion. Large corporations have bowed down to the pressure, and have made a few blacks incredibility rich for almost doing nothing. The employment of blacks is to ensure that the ownership and management have the correct quota to satisfy the BBBEE laws. The larger corporations can afford to hire incompetent blacks for the sake of achieving a high score for BBBEE grades, and at the same time hire white consultants to fix the mistakes made by permanent black staff. The smaller and medium business suffers from the consequences of not complying with BBBEE regulations.

The ANC ruling party does not use government funds to build new factories or businesses for black people to manage, because it would not work. It is far easier to vilify white business than to admit blacks do not achieve success. It has happened so often when the government has handed over the successful business and farms to unskilled people. A typical example is the power giant Eskom, who has managed to plunder the resources for self-enrichment and toss South Africa into darkness. These are just a few of some of the faults of black empowerment policies in South Africa.

There are some black professionals who appeal to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema to rescue the majority from the oppression the white minority group of South Africa has caused. These are the same people who did not see a wheel, know how to read or write, and lived in a nomad existence when Jan van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape in 1652. They are the same people, who killed, raped and survived by pillaging other tribes. The same individuals would rather consult a witch doctor before trusting a skilled medical doctor, and who believe the black skin color is why there is not a chance of success in a black run country. South Africa is a country run by the majority who are black, and outnumber the white minority by nearly ten to one, resulting in a nation with over 50 million blacks and less than five million whites.

If all the complaints made by the majority is factual; that is to say, that white-owned firms who forced the black majority to work harder in order to gain recognition, as compared to white coworkers, then why do the majority not start new businesses or go work for black-owned companies instead? Why do the majority lower standards and work for racists, the immoral white man who stole everything in South Africa? It is easy to complain to political leaders to bail the oppressed black majority out of the hands of the minority. It is not easy for the majority to get up and do something about grievances; no, it is far more natural to look for sympathy. It is far easier to complain and remain envious of black people who did something constructive.

It is a fact that the South African economy is worsening because the ANC decided that Affirmative Action and BBBEE were needed. Both these ANC policies have only managed to artificially empower a few black people who should never have been empowered. The BBEEE policy has made some well-connected black elite very wealthy, by sitting back and reaping the monetary reward earned by others.

The results of all the government interferences are like there is no tomorrow. Skillful whites have left the country, not only because of the BBBEE disaster but because whites do not want to be brutally murdered by barbarians. Former profitable businesses are suffering under unproductive black leadership. The public services and infrastructure have declined into such a pathetic state.

The reality is that there are liberals who fill the heads of blacks with lies that all the ills are because of the whites and not because of their own behavior. How do these people reason? If this were true, that the white man holds all the blame for the problems of the majority, it would make no sense that a country like Liberia, who never had whites living there, in a worse condition than South Africa. What black country on the African continent is thriving and successful? Another classic example is Haiti, where slaves blamed the white French people, murdered them and today is one of the poorest nations in the Americas. Is there a common denominator?

Blacks who are struggling to keep up with white standards are disillusioned. Sitting in the sun brewing beer does not pay the bills. The EFF is the party for the disillusioned who can continue sitting in the sun and tell the hard luck stories, and the EFF will fill the gullible minds with hatred of whites. What the EFF do not tell all the disillusioned supporters, is how much more misery will be levied when the party rises to power. It is communism and might sound incredible when the supporters heads are filled with jealousy and envy about what others have that they do not, but in reality it is not the same situation. The fault with black empowerment policies in South Africa is that it is the professional blacks who do all the complaining, not the professional people.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen

MoneyWeb – BEE amendments explained.

Photo Courtesy of Lars Haefner Wikimedia Public Domain License

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  1. Chris   June 28, 2015 at 10:52 am

    The IRR reports that SA is actually run by the communists, who dont give a damn about the people as long as their program on socialism and eventual full communism is implemented.


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