Spike Lee Begins Filming in Chicago

Spike LeeThe legendary filmmaker Spike Lee has begun filming his controversial movie “CHIRAQ” on the South side of Chicago. Many politicians and community leaders have expressed concern over film’s title, Chiraq, which appears to be comparing the city’s inability to control the growing epidemic of gang-related shootings with the number of shootings in Iraq.

Several weeks ago, hundreds of excited men and women from the African-American communities in Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs waited in long lines to audition for a part, any part, in the controversial film. After refusing Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other religious and community leader’s request to change the film’s title; at the eleven o’clock hour, Spike Lee will now begin filming.

Mr. Lee has cautioned everyone, “Don’t form an opinion until you’ve seen the film.” As an African-American living in one of the most violent neighborhoods, “South Shore”, I will wait, hoping and praying that maybe….just maybe something positive will emerge.

By Christine Houston

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  1. nancynyberg   June 2, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Indeed, let us hope. I would trust Spike Lee before Rahm Emanuel any day.


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