‘Spy’ Starring Melissa McCarthy Number One at Box Office


This weekend, Melissa McCarthy’s comedy movie, Spy (Chernin Entertainment/Fox), rated R, was the number one flick at the box office, with a domestic gross of $30 million. The humorous take on spy movies managed to hit number one, despite it being a fairly sluggish weekend for ticket sales at the box office, with many movie-goers perhaps waiting to spend their hard-earned cash until next weekend, when Jurassic World opens. This weekend was the third one in a row of declining ticket sales compared to this same time last summer, according to Variety.

McCarthy and two of her co-stars, Rose Byrne and Jason Statham, have been making the rounds of talk shows to promote Spy and get audiences out to theaters, and their efforts have helped the movie reach number one at the box office, at least for this weekend. The movie was shot as if it was an actual spy movie, with the humor arising out of the situations in which the characters find themselves. In Spy, McCarthy starts the movie as a CIA analyst relegated to desk work until she becomes a field agent and attempts to thwart a nuclear weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Statham, in particular, shines in Spy, not only for how well he handles the action scenes, but also for his surprising display of comedic skills.

While McCarthy continues to show her strength as a comedy star with Spy opening at number one at the box office. She also continues her string of successes with writer-director Paul Feig, Spy did not do as well at the box office in its opening as did The Heat, from 2013, co-starring Sandra Bullock. That movie had a debut weekend domestic gross of $39.1 million. McCarthy’s first movie with Feig was Bridesmaids, from 2011.

Spy was produced for approximately $65 million. It has made $56.5 million, so far, internationally, and coupled with domestic box office numbers this weekend, it has already earned more than it cost to make it. Still, with the opening of Universal’s Jurassic World next weekend, expected to earn up to $100 million, Spy might have a hard time even trying to stay at the number two spot at the box office.


Chris Aronson, head of distribution for 20th Century Fox, has a more optimistic outlook on how Spy will do from here on out at the box office. He said of Spy‘s strong debut, “It sets the table for a fantastic long run.”

The debut of Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy, at number one at the box office dropped San Andreas down to the second spot, with domestic ticket sales of just $26.4 million, following an overall gross of $92.2 million last weekend. Insidious: Chapter 3 debuted this weekend in the number three spot at the box office with a domestic gross of $23 million.

Entourage was another movie that debuted this weekend, but it had rather dismal ticket sales of just $10.4 million domestically over the weekend. Since it opened on Wednesday, Entourage has grossed $17.8 million domestically, but was made for an estimated cost of $30 million.

Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Brothers, has admitted that comparisons of Entourage to Sex and the City were not accurate. In 2008, Sex and the City debuted at the box office with a domestic take of $57 million.

Mad Max: Fury Road came in at number five at the box office. It had a weekend domestic gross of $8 million, though it earned an additional $11 million internationally. It has made $130.8 million since it debuted four weekends ago.

The sixth spot in the top ten was taken by Pitch Perfect 2, which had a domestic take of $7.7 million and an additional $4.6 million internationally. This sequel to Pitch Perfect is still attracting fans of the franchise to movie theaters, though in far fewer numbers than it has in past weeks.

Tomorrowland opened up to flat ticket sales over the Memorial Day weekend. This weekend, it still is in the top ten, but at the seventh spot, with a domestic gross of $7 million, and $13.8 million internationally.

Rounding out the top ten at the box office this weekend were Avengers: Age of Ultron at number eight, with a domestic gross of $6.2 million and $7 million internationally, and Aloha, which came in at number nine, earning $3.3 million domestically and $1.6 million internationally. At number 10 was the reboot of Poltergeist, which only grossed $2.8 million domestically and $3.2 million internationally.

Spy, starring McCarthy, opened in the number one spot in the box office this weekend with a domestic take of $30 million. However, it opened weaker than The Heat did in 2013. Still, it had a strong enough opening to knock San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson, from the number one spot. Next week, with everybody expecting Jurassic World to have a very strong box office debut, McCarthy’s Spy is likely to fall, but it will probably not drop below the second spot in the top ten.

Written by Douglas Cobb

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