Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy Talk About ‘Spy’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Hooray, because this week, the Tonight Show was back with new shows after a week of repeats, and Jimmy Fallon started off his return to the show with a couple of fantastic guests, actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy from the upcoming flick, Spy, and musical artist Ed Sheeran! Ed Sheeran was both interviewed by Fallon and he was also the musical guest of the episode.

Fallon started off the Tonight Show by being greeted to a standing ovation from the studio audience, Then, he did his monologue, joking about topics like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting their second child. “They say they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s famous,” Fallon said. He showed the cover of Vanity Fair, with Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, featured.

Fallon also joked about campaign slogans like “new leadership,” saying it was like a sign you might see on the front door of a laudromat. Then, he talked about the FIFA scandal, saying that “The toughest thing for the officials was taking bribes without using their hands.”

Fallon joked about Enrique Iglesias getting his fingers cut by a drone during a concert he was giving in Tijuana, and he showed a clip of someone being rescued from flood waters by a helicopter. The person was left dangling for over four minutes.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that tomorrow night, Jude Law will be on. Joan Cusack will be on later this week, along with Jason Derulo. Fallon said that Melissa McCarthy will be on, and will play a game with him, and Ed Sheeran will be doing a new song from his X (Multiply) album.

Jimmy Fallon then did his bit about books on his “Do Not Read List.” They are actual books. The first one was Living With Fancy Plants. The second one was The Top 20 Secret Stoner Spots in San Francisco. The places shown in the book did not seem very secret, though, like the Golden Gate Bridge, for instance.

The Fallon Legacy was the third book Jimmy Fallon showed. It was supposedly about how Fallon got the Tonight Show. The fourth book…had a title that was somewhat provacative. The fifth book was called Sometimes The Appalachian Trail Is…. It had a photo on the cover of a naked man, supposedly contemplating nature. The last book was called Love Affair With a Cougar. It had a woman lying down with a cougar on the cover of it, and it was written by the author of There’s a Raccoon in My Parka.

Back from a commercial break, host Jimmy Fallon was in a skit acting like he was a spokesman selling an album of Ed Sheeran singing Heavy Metal songs, like Run to the Hills. “That’s right, 25 Heavy Metal songs that the whole family can enjoy!” Fallon said. Ed Sheeran sang snippets of some of the songs in between Fallon pitching the album.

Then, Fallon said “If you order within the next 5 seconds, you will also get Ed Sheeran Sings Hardcore Rap.” Ed Sheeran sang a rap song, making liberal use of a certain slang word for female dogs as he sang.

Back from another break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy. The Roots played the theme song from the T.V. series Get Smart as Melissa McCarthy walked onto the stage.

“You got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!” Fallon said.

“I did,” Melissa McCarthy replied. She told Fallon that almost her whole family was there, but her dad had “to weed the lake,” because he was in some sort of fishing club.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that Spy was getting pretty good reviews. They talked about McCarthy’s co-host, Jason Statham, and McCarthy said he was very funny, and that “He CRUSHES!” She said “I would lose my mind. I would turn my back on him and I was just laughing.”

Fallon said “There’s some crazy stunts in it, also.” One of them McCarthy mentioned was having to hang from a helicopter. Rose Byrne is also in the movie, and was in the clip with McCarthy that Fallon then showed. It was a pretty LOL clip, and early indications are that Spy will be a hilarious summer flick.

Following yet another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon said that one thing he liked about Melissa McCarthy was “that she didn’t hold anything back.” He and Melissa McCarthy played a game called Random Picture Word Association. They would get shown presumably random pictures, then say the first thing that popped into their minds. When Fallon saw a photo of a jar of mayonnaise, he said “EW!” It was a funny comedy bit, though seeing the pictures was a big part of the humor.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, musical artist Ed Sheeran. “Please welcome the very talented Ed Sheeran, ladies and gentlemen!” Fallon said. Fallon told Sheeran “Congrats on the tour. You had some special guests, Jay Z and Beyonce were on the show?”

Ed Sheeran told him “Yes,” and said that they went out and did shots at a bar. Sheeran said that in Mumbai, “some Bollywood dancers came out.”

Sheeran also related to Fallon about selling out Wembley three times. “I’m enjoying the ride of it,” Sheeran said.

“Do you ever wish that you had a band?” Fallon asked him.

“Sometimes, when I’m in the dressing room,” Sheeran answered him.

Jimmy Fallon showed a photo of Sheeran when he was a young boy with glasses. Sheeran, Fallon then said, would be singing a song from X when the show comes back from another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced Ed Sheeran, saying that he would be performing his new hit song, Phonograph, off of X. Sheeran sounded terrific, accompanying himself on his guitar as he sang. It was a cool song, and Sheeran gave an amazing performance of it. The audience erupted in applause as he finished singing.

Jimmy Fallon had on just two guests tonight on the Tonight Show, but they were very entertaining ones. Melissa McCarthy talked about her upcoming movie, Spy, that hits theaters this weekend, and she played Random Picture Word Association with Fallon. Musical artist Ed Sheeran took part in a skit with Jimmy Fallon, singing Heavy Metal and Rap, and he talked about touring and sang his latest hit, Phonograph.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne in Spy trailer

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    Where are the music credits for the movie ‘Spy’? The songs throughout were absolutely fantastic but it seems that audiences are excluded from knowing their titles and who sung them


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