Rita Ora Cannot Be Knocked Down


Drama happens. A celebrity like Rita Ora has to deal with the world knowing her business. Especially when that dirty business is coming from another celebrity, rapper A$AP Rocky. May 2015, A$AP Rocky released his album At.Long.Last.A$AP, and Ora was not warned by him about the scandalous lyrics he wrote about her from the track “Better Things.” Not only were the lines scandalous, they were filthy. However, Rita Ora cannot be knocked down.

A$AP Rocky complained in his song that the RIP artist has a “big mouth,” and that he considered cursing at her the next time he saw her. Beyond that, he insinuated that she performed oral sex on him, and then he kicked her out. Ouch. Why would A$AP Rocky say such horrible things about the beautiful singer? “She caused a lot of grief” he explained. A$AP Rocky shared with “Sway in the Morning” that he was involved in a relationship with a woman (presumably American model Chanel Iman) when he got involved with the singer. The lyrics, and A$AP Rocky’s interview imply that the woman he was dating found out about his infidelity and he pins the blame on Ora for it. “I got in trouble. Put it like that. And she got me on purpose.”

Do did the bad blood last? Is A$AP Rocky still angry at the young artist?

“First off, this song, its old” A$AP Rocky told Calloway. “It was an old track. That was one of the joints that I feel like I recorded before Yams passed that I knew he really loved.” A$AP Yams was a member of the A$AP Mob, a hip hop collective that A$AP Rocky is a part of. “Now if you asked me another question, like, maybe I should’ve muted her name? Maybe I should’ve. But at the time, that’s how I felt.” A$AP Rocky clarified that it was old news though. “It’s girly stuff, but you know, at the end of the day, listen, I don’t have nothing against her.”

So how is the British star reacting to the release of the track? Was she prepared to handle the scathing lyrics?

When a DJ asked A$AP Rocky if he gave her a heads-up about the lyrics he said “No. She didn’t give me no heads-up!” So she was unaware of the track. She could have seen drama coming though, since A$AP Rocky says “If I feel something in private, I’m gonna say it in public.” So how is she dealing with the release of the embarrassing track?

Rita Ora cannot be knocked down. She is strutting around town like nothing happened. She has every reason to! The star has openly talked about her up-coming film “Fifty Shades Darker,” the sequel to the popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” film, based on the best-selling series. She says that “Plans are moving forward with that whole sequel.” So she can sing, write songs, AND act? Even lyrics as controversial as A$AP Rocky’s cannot affect such fame and talent.

Ora was seen heading to the Chiltern Firehouse with Kyle De’Volle, her stylist friend. The two wore matching black bondage-style outfits with leather accessories. Ora’s little black dress and cropped cardigan exposed a peephole of cleavage, complimented by her bold red lipstick. She does not appear to be bothered by A$AP Rocky’s track, nor his interview. She has not released any comments on the issue either. Will she stay quiet about the issue and let it be swept under the rug? Or will she eventually speak up and have something to say?

This is not the first time a woman has been dissed by a rapper in his music. Eminem infamously rips on his ex-wife in his music saying very cruel things about her. Ora is not the first to suffer from such a scandal. She will live.

She has already dealt with a romance scandal from musician Calvin Harris. DJ Harris broke up with her by announcing their split on Twitter. The news of the break-up came just as much of a surprise to Ora as it did to fans. Harris reportedly split with her due to her flirtatious behavior with artist Justin Bieber. Furthermore, complaints from Ora’s ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian reveal that Ora had been unfaithful to him with numerous men while they were together.

Once again though, Rita Ora cannot be knocked down. The young artist has been wildly successful with her music, and the accusations of her infidelity cannot change the fact that her work is popular. As a songwriter, the more public drama she faces, the more she has to write about in her music, sparking instant hits if her music is as controversial as A$AP Rocky’s. Other artists cannot ruin her. She has nothing to lose and nothing to fear with her music and acting career remaining steady.

By Tania Dawood


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  1. Courtney   June 2, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Good article. I agree with everything you wrote. Rita has had it somewhat rough with her controversies overshadowing her music career. She even seems to have a lot of people who write mean and nasty things about her for no reason, but she always has a smile on her face. I admire that about her.


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