Star Power of the Wahlberg and Lachey Brothers to Debut on A&E

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The star power of both the Wahlberg and Lachey brothers is debuting on Wednesday nights on the A&E network this summer. This lineup includes the return of both of the Wahlberg family shows, plus the premiere of the new  documentary style series revolving around the Lachey brothers.

Wednesday night’s lineup will feature the programs Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny and the premiere of Lachey’s Bar. The Wahlburgers, which is an Emmy-nominated program, is back for its fourth season. This season is being described as the show’s best and biggest yet. Donnie Loves Jenny is returning for its second season and continues to follow the newlyweds as they navigate their new lives together. Finally, there is the premiere of the new show, Lachey’s Bar, which will follow Drew and Nick Lachey as they attempt to bring their lifelong dream of owning a bar in Cincinatti (their hometown) to fruition.

WahlbergKicking off the A&E summer debut of the star power brought by the Lachey and Wahlberg brothers is Season 4 of the Wahlburgers. The program focuses on the brothers Mark, Paul and Donnie Wahlberg and their hamburger business. In this latest season, Mark is not only trying to balance his home life, but he is also promoting two feature films, Entourage and Ted 2. He is also making his debut as a director, when he teams up with Diddy for a jingle video for Wahlburgers which will feature Johnny Drama. The brothers are also attempting to get Paul to expand the business now that New York City has gotten its first official Wahlburgers location. This season also sees Donnie on tour with New Kids on the Block, while also still trying to make time for family, the business and getting into trouble with mom.

Following Wahlburgers on air is Donnie Loves Jenny. The second season of the program is following Donnie Wahlberg and his new wife Jenny McCarthy as they deal with the stresses of moving cross-country, balancing their hectic schedules and starting life as a newly married couple. Although the couple would prefer to be together, their professional commitments are keeping them apart. McCarthy is dealing with commuting to New York for her radio show, while Donnie is part of a headlining tour with his band. All of this is happening as the two attempt to connect with family in Chicago and build their new home together. The couple will attempt to put their relationship first as they deal with their other commitments that are keeping them apart.

WahlbergThe final program of the evening is the premiere of the new series Lachey’s Bar, which will follow Drew and Nick as they attempt to open their own bar. The process will take the two from trying to design a menu for the place to crafting their own artisanal beers. They will knock down walls and actually build their bar from the ground up. Together the brothers will be getting dirty and learning how to run their own business. All of this will happen as they work at juggling their personal lives with their careers. From sibling rivalries, clashes on how to run the new business and the logistics of schedules, the two will do whatever it takes to make their dream come true.

The debut of the star power of both the Lachey and Wahlberg brothers is set to commence on the A&E channel on July 15. The programs start airing at 9:30 p.m. EST and each of the programs lasts 30 minutes.

By Kimberley Spinney


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