Startling Forms of Cancer Linked to 62,023 Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Parkinson’s Disease

Studies conducted recently have revealed that there may a link between Parkinson’s disease and various types of cancer. The study was conducted in Taiwan and showed that individuals with Parkinson’s disease are at a higher risk of developing cancer, over sixteen different types of cancer to be precise. The study was conducted over a period of six years on patients who were newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Clapway said that the study made note of the fact that startling forms of cancer were linked to 62,023 Parkinson’s disease patients.

Some of the cancer types found in these patients include lung cancer, malignant brain tumors, gastrointestinal tract cancer, hormone-related cancer, urinary tract cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, and leukemia. These were highly evident in Parkinson’s disease sufferers. Breast, thyroid, and ovarian cancer were not shown to be linked to the disease. The concern is that so many cancers are connected to Parkinson’s disease and that they are all incurable. Doctors and researchers find it unsettling that cancer is linked to this other disease that there is also no known cure for, Clapway added.  Parkinson’s Disease

The article did mention that the study was conducted in Taiwan and this does not mean that the findings apply to other places. They may apply to other areas, but additional research would need to be conducted to have a better idea. A variety of factors including race, ethnicity, geographical location, and potential exposure to hazardous things, come into play.

The study revealed that individuals with the disease who were at the highest risk of developing cancer were between the ages of fifty and fifty-nine. As far as Taiwan goes and possibly other areas as well, Parkinson’s disease is being considered a risk factor for various types of cancer. The goal is for more research to be conducted, hopefully sometime in the near future, The Inquisitr stated. Startling forms of cancer were linked to 62,023 Parkinson’s disease patients, so this is a serious issue and one that needs further investigation.

The article did make note of the fact that this study does contradict some other studies that were done in the West. Researchers are aware that Parkinson’s disease needs to be further studied as well as its connection with different kinds of cancer. To fully understand the correlation between the two, additional studies would have to take place. The study in Taiwan did show a connection between the two and the fact that thousands of individuals had to be plagued with cancer and Parkinson’s disease is no joke. This is a reality in Taiwan and may be in other places, which is why researchers feel the need to further investigate.

Research is limited and further studies will need to include smoking status, information on pesticide exposure, and genetic findings. HNGN did say that genetic background has proven to pay a key role in disease development. UPI mentioned that the study showed the chances of the Parkinson’s patients getting brain and skin cancer increased somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 times. This link does not necessarily mean that one causes the other, but the association should be looked into. Parkinson’s Disease

It is uncertain whether Parkinson’s disease causes cancer directly or whether they share common traits or mechanisms, so further analysis is necessary. This study has established, at least for some people, that the two diseases are linked in some way or form, as UPI puts it. It is true that this study has contradicted findings from other studies, but regardless the Taiwan study does have relevance as far as some go. The study reflected that startling forms of cancer were linked to 62,023 Parkinson’s disease patients and this is why research on the subject should continue and the public should take notice of this potential issue.

By Heather Granruth


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