Stretch Those Legs for National Running Day

National Running DayToday is National Running Day when runners around the world declare their passion for running. This day is observed annually, both nationally and internationally, on the first Wednesday of June. Since 2009, thousands of participants have laced up their sneakers to celebrate this sport by signing up for a race, hitting the track, planning a few sprints around the neighborhood or by setting a new goal of incorporating running into their lifestyle.

Running has long been one of the most popular sports across the globe. It is an inexpensive, natural and enjoyable form of exercise for any age. Runners use it as an excuse to have a good time with a few friends while enjoying the added health benefits.

National Running Day is mostly an informal celebration given many of its participants believe that running is a lifetime activity which should be practiced regularly throughout the year. They are encouraging those who would not enjoy the sport otherwise to grab those sneakers, the popular FlipBelt – to carry along a smartphone, keys, money and other accessories – and hit the road.National Running Day

The FlipBelt is worn by many runners and has proven to be an all-time favorite. It is a wide poly spandex belt which has a multi-access pocket opening to keep runners hands-free while enjoying the sport. The concept of the belt is easy; put the items inside and flip the belt over. It is designed to look like an average waistband on pants or short and comes in a variety of colors. The FlipBelt is odor resistant, does not ride up and is machine washable.

Running is a great outdoor activity but can be a nuisance when trying to do so with a purse, backpack or wallet, when all that is really needed on the track are a few essentials. Whether a participant in National Running Day, hitting the gym, traveling, biking or running, the FlipBelt will keep personals secure and hands-free. It is a genius invention for anyone needing to carry cash, cards, keys, smartphones, ear buds, snack bars and more. All of the items are easily accessible but stay locked inside the belt when not required.National Running Day

One runner and satisfied customer named Ann said:

Just purchased mine last month and I love it! It absolutely does not ride up and it holds everything I need for a run: my iPhone, keys, ID, and a pack of energy gels. I have run 20 miles with this and it has changed how I approach long distance running. Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Another runner in preparation to join the festivities of National Running Day said:national running day

The FlipBelt is great for runners and bikers. It solves the problem of how to carry phone, keys, ID and gels etc. securely without bouncing around. One can really load up this belt and items are still easy to access.

The absence of the popular FlipBelt should not deter newbies from lacing up their sneakers and joining the fun. National Running Day is not only for the professional runner, but is also a great excuse to get active. Running can be a bit intimidating for some. Initially, legs burn, muscles ache and it can be hard to breathe, but as with any other exercise, it becomes easier with time. Before long, it will feel more like a breeze than a difficult task.

Running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories because it does not require a gym membership nor a bunch of equipment. Runners not only have fewer disabilities, but are known to remain active longer than their sedentary counterparts and even live longer. Today is National Running Day and the perfect time to stretch those legs, join the fun and set a new goal.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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