‘The Island’ Demonstrates the Human Will to Survive [Video]

The Island

Hollywood has created the illusion that when a group of people get stranded on a deserted island, it never takes too long to find some coconut trees and the perfect branches for constructing a well-built shelter, but Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls has offered some clarification on the matter with his new NBC show, The Island. The professional survivalist has brought a new version of his U.K. television series, The Island, to the states. The Island features fourteen American men who, after being dropped on a remote island with hostile weather conditions, demonstrate the human will to survive, having nothing but each other for support and a camera for documentation.

The well-known adventurer and risk-taker Grylls has created The Island to find out if the modern man, with all his luxuries and basic everyday necessities used for comfortable living, would be able to survive on a deserted island without having any of those daily amenities they are accustomed to. This six episode show offers participants no chance of a prize to be won, no chance of getting booted off and most importantly, no camera crew to assist in the shooting of their experience on a desolate, hostile island.

The IslandBefore each of the fourteen Americans headed out for their month-long journey, which will be putting their resilience against nature’s elements to the test, Grylls left them with some words of encouragement. He told them that this extraordinary challenge they are about to experience is a chance for them to prove to the world the obstacles they are capable of overcoming, no matter the amount of stress, discomfort or misery that each participant will be forced to face at some point during their journey of survival.

The most appealing feature that The Island offers is its true reality factor and its demonstration of how strong the human will to survive really is. Television has its survivalist shows, such as Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid and Canadian survivalist Les Stroud’s Survivorman, but those shows are not accurately portraying what it means to be a survivor. The people in those shows are not being forced to use their acquired skills, knowledge and techniques in order to remain amongst the living. They have camera crews as well as a team of medical professionals on standby, just in case anyone’s survival is at risk. When does the act of surviving actually come into play in situations where help is only about a mile away?

For all those who are interested in discovering what survival looks like when a person is left stranded on an island with no camera crew and no medical team to lend a helicopter ride to the nearest hospital, The Island is the show to watch. NBC debuted this new documented reality show May 25 and it was clear those who tuned in were not left disappointed.

Among the group’s participates of the month-long survival experiment is a veteran, firefighter, criminal defense attorney, stay-at-home dad, trauma surgeon and bird farmer. Each individual has a unique set of skills and abilities that will assist in keeping each other alive. The Island provides its audience with a remarkable display of teamwork, strategy, strength, faith, mental and emotional endurance and most of all the will to fight to stay alive, which exists within the soul of all human beings.

The new NBC show airs every Monday on NBC at 10/9c. For those who are uninterested in checking out this hour-long adventurous reality TV show, give it one viewing, if for nothing else other than to see how The Island demonstrates how powerful human’s will is to survive.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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