‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Premieres August

The Walking DeadIn 2010, it was not expected that a show about a zombie apocalypse would attract a cult following of 17.3 million viewers for the season five premiere of The Walking Dead. It was so unlikely that this television series would take off that AMC only had six episodes in season one, according to Movie Fone. The zombie apocalypse experience has become such a hot idea that George A. Romero thought he would take the opportunity to ‘share’ some of the zombie fans with AMC. Instead, AMC moved faster, expanded the series, and created Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead is a spinoff, due to premiere in August on AMC. Information leaked by the creator, Robert Kirkman is that he is excited about the new show and excited for the audience to experience what has been done. Season one will have six episodes, but will be differentiating from the original series.

Fear The Walking Dead will be visually different from The Walking Dead as it will be shot digitally as opposed to 60mm film. The show will also take place in Los Angeles. It will be more of a prequel to the original series. Kirkman wants the new show to be its own series. It will be completely independent of The Walking Dead, its own story, and characters.

There will be fantastic visuals the audience can expect from the talents of Adam Davidson, who directed the first episode. Los Angeles has a unique and interesting vision, according to Kirkman. The second season plans to be longer and air during The Walking Dead’s off-season. The second season has already been contracted with AMC.

Fans of the original show will want to compare the two shows, but Kirkman says they will be very different from each other, as well as truly independent of each other. Although, Kirkman says that he has not considered their competition in the way of action.

Fear The Walking Dead will move at a faster pace, and will more likely be more hectic than the first season of The Walking Dead. The new show will star, Cliff Curtis (Whale Rider and Blow) and Kim Dickens (Deadwood and Gone Girl). The spinoff will show civilization crumbling at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, the part that original character Rick Grimes slept through. The first trailer of Fear The Walking Dead will be shown during the Walking Dead season five finale.

Fear The Walking Dead will cover the time period of Rick’s Coma, which was how viewers were introduced to the original show, at the very beginning. Audiences will be able to see what Rick missed, although Kirkman disappointingly says there more than likely will not be any explanation for the virus. It is not about the virus for Kirkman, it is about the impact that zombie virus has on people. There also will not be any of the Center of Disease Control information either. Kirkman made a point to say that he avoids the CDC perspective and feels the same about FEMA. The story will not be told from any governmental point of view, but will start at ground level.

There are no plans to crossover and it has not been considered. It would be complicated to crossover the spinoff with the originalOne show is well into the zombie apocalypse and the other starts from the very beginning of the outbreak.

Kirkman would like to take the new spinoff Fear The Walking Dead into five or six seasons, but this will only happen if the premiere in August and the first season is successful. The original show still has a few seasons from the comics Kirkman has already written, which will also be returning, but in the spinoff, there will not be villains. “Internalize it,” says Kirkman. Villains will not work in the new show.

By Jeanette Smith


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