‘Tonight Show’: Dave Spade and Jennette McCurdy

Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests on the Tonight Show this Thursday were none other than Dave Spade, who is starring as the title character in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and actress Jennette McCurdy, from the upcoming Netflix T.V. series, Between, in which she plays Wiley. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was A$AP Rocky.

Fallon received a standing ovation, and then he began the Tonight Show by doing his monologue, making quips and jokes about several different topics. He joked about, for instance, Game 4 of the NBA Finals. He said that “Lebron’s dream at 16 was to play in the NBA Finals — which is interesting, considering many of his teammates still have that dream.”

Fallon said that “Lord Voldemort has a higher popularity rating than most GOP candidates.” He added that “Putin was asked if he had any regrets. He answered that ‘God has built my life so that I have no regrets. I stole that from Kanye.'”

Fallon then showed a clip about quotes from TV newscasters, in which one said “Crystal meth,” instead of “Crystal Pepsi.” He also showed a clip of a female newscaster getting freaked out by locusts all over the place.

After that, Fallon did “Tonight Show Superlatives,” about players in the NBA Finals and what they had been Voted Most Likely to Be or Do. He showed some of the basketball players from the Warriors and Cavs, on basketball cards, and joked about them. It was a very visual bit, bit it was pretty humorous.

Fallon then plugged a movie called Live From New York, about Saturday Nigth Live. He said that Colin Quinn will be on tomorrow, and Lena Dunham will be challenging him to a lip sync battle.

He said that the guests on the Tonight Show would be Dave Spade, from Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and Jennette McCurdy from the upcoming Netflix series, Between. The musical guest would be A$AP Rocky.

Then, Fallon did his weekly Hashtags bit on the Tonight Show. The topic this week was #DynoRaps. The first one was “If you get my name wrong/I may get violent,/The name is pterodactyl/But the “p” is silent.”

Part of another one was “Been spending most of their lives,/In the ground and fossilized,” sang to the tune of Gangsta’s Paradise. Yet another one was “Bronto, bronto, bronto, can’t you see/Sometimes your long neck just hypnotizes me.”

Then, Fallon went out into the audience and people got to ask him questions and he would then ask them a question. The bit was called “Q. and Q.”

One Tonight Show audience member asked about his computer moniter, and Fallon said “It’s made of chocolate.” Then, he asked her “What was you most embarrassing moment in college?” The young lady replied “I didn’t go to college.”

“Do you have any talents that nobody knows about?” another woman asked.

He said “I play the guitar and a little bit of the piano.”

“I mean something funny,” she said.

He then asked her to describe something about herself in six words. She said “I am at the Jimmy Fallon.”

Yet another audience member asked him what he does if he gets sick during the Tonight Show. He said he does not usually get sick. “I must be superhuman, I guess,” he said. He asked her if she could pat her head and rub the belly of the person next to her at the same time. The woman next to her stood up, and the feat was accomplished.

When the Tonight Show came back from another break, Fallon introduced his first guest, Dave Spade. He stars in and co-wrote the screenplay of Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. When Spade came out onto the stage, he did not have his mullet on, which he has in the movie.

Spade said he realizes that he is getting older. He said that in a dream that he had last night, there was a beautiful woman in it, and he did not even try to score with her. He said “We just talked and held hands.”

Spade said that there were “a lot of nerds” in Portland. He related a story about being there and a guy kept on talking about his backpack, and all of the zippers on it. He thought to himself, “That must be some cool backpack.”

Spade then told Fallon about a fun time that he had with comedian Dave Chappelle. Spade said that Chappelle asked him “You want to go see Prince?” They both went there, and Michael Jordan was there. Spade said Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was there, and “‘The Rock’ danced kind of a little bit like Snoopy.”

They both then talked about the movie Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. Fallon showed a clip from the movie, also featuring actor Christopher Walken. It was a funny clip, and the movie will probably be a Must See one for fans of Joe Dirt.

Tonight Show

Following another break, the Tonight Show returned, and host Fallon introduced his second guest, actress Jennette McCurdy. When she came out onto the stage, she did a little dance with Fallon.

He asked her if it “was intimidating being on a series on Netflix.” She said that it was, and she tweeted out things like she was embarrassed being in the same room with actor Kevin Spacey. Fallon then showed a photo of McCurdy’s grandparents. She told him that her grandmother had a crush on him.

McCurdy told Fallon about the premise of Between, that people over the age of 22 are dying, and she and others in the series must find out why. Netflix is only showing one episode at a time. Fallon said that Miranda Cosgrove has said she would like to do an iCarly reunion show, and he asked McCurdy if she would be interested. McCurdy also said that she would be “absolutely” interested in doing an iCarly reunion.

Tonight Show

Back from another commercial break, Fallon introduced the evening’s musical guest, A$AP Rocky. He performed the songs L$D and Jukebox Joint from his latest album, At.Long.Last.A$AP. He sounded amazing, and the audience really got into the two songs. They applauded enthusiastically as he finished singing.

The musical performance by A$AP Rocky closed out a great episode of the Tonight Show. Fallon’s two guests tonight were Dave Spade, who talked about going to see Prince with Dave Chappelle and about his upcoming movie, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and Jennette McCurdy. McCurdy talked with Fallon about her grandparents, the possibility of an iCarly reunion show, and her Netflix series, Between.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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