‘Tonight Show’: Fallon Welcomes Billy Crystal and Jeb Bush

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Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, welcomed the always funny actor and comedian Billy Crystal, from The Comedians, who has been on the show often in the past, and his second guest, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Bush recently announced that he would be among the other Republican presidential hopefuls trying to get nominated to run in 2016. The Tonight Show‘s musical guest was Courtney Barnett.

Fallon was greeted as he walked onstage to a standing ovation by the studio audience. He said that Billy Crystal and Jeb Bush will be on the show tonight, and then he did his monologue, joking about hot news stories like Donald Trump announcing today that he was also going to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Fallon said that Hillary Clinton released a campaign playlist with songs by musical artists like Pharrell and Katy Perry. He then joked that the way to get the CIA to follow you on Twitter is by tweeting out “things like Edward Snowden and ISIS.”

He mentioned that the Chicago Blackhawks had won the Stanley Cup and he made a few jokes about that. Then, he talked about all sorts of ideas about what the next Jurassic Park movie could be about, like “maybe humans attacking the dinosaurs.”

“CBS will buy Target’s pharmacy business for almost $3 billion. The receipt will take three years to print out,” Fallon said.  Tonight Show

Then, Fallon had Jeb Bush come out onto the stage, to “Slow Jam the News.” The Roots played, as Bush announced that he would run. Fallon added humorous soulful-sounding comments of his own, like “You gotta listen to my man, Jebidiah. Everything’s bigger…in Texas.’ One member of The Roots called Bush “the White Lebron.”

“You don’t want to mess with Little Jebbie, ’cause when it comes to debatin’, he’s the master,” Fallon sang. Fallon said “I didn’t think I would be interviewing Pit Bull.” It was a LOL bit, and Bush showed that he can poke fun at himself a little bit.

Back from a break on the Tonight Show, Fallon said who some upcoming guests will be, and he announced tonight’s guests, like Billy Crystal and Jeb Bush. He then looked at the Pros & Cons of the new 50 Shades of Gray book told from Grey’s perspective. A couple of the Pros & Cons that Fallon read off, paraphrased, were “Pro: It makes a good Father’s Day Gift. Con: For your Mom,” and “Pro: It’s one man’s journey through a dark world of sin and indulgence. Con: Or, as Chris Christie puts it, a trip to Hershey Park.”

After a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Billy Crystal, who will be starring in the upcoming FX series The Comedians, on Thursday nights. Crystal said he just went to his 50th High School Reunion.

He said he liked to go “to see how everyone else aged.” He said that people give you compliments, but ones that were often back-handed. They showed high school photos of famous people like Dick Cheney, who Crystal said “was Voted Most Likely to Imagine ISIS.”

Another black-and-white photo Fallon showed was of Chris Christie in high school, who Crystal said “was Voted Most Likely to become Mr. Krispy Creme.” Crystal told him that his 45th anniversary was coming up.

On the Tonight Show, Crystal related about when he wore what he called his “Dick Cavett suit” when he was recently married. He and his wife were in a restaurant, and flmaing lobster was brought to their table. Some juice from the lobster got on him, and his suit caught on fire. He said it was like an episode of I Love Lucy.

Fallon then talked about The Comedians, which Crystal stars in with comedian Josh Gad. Crystal said that “Stephanie Weir,” was also in the cast, from Madtv. Fallon showed a clip from the July Fourth episode. It looks like it will be a funny show.

Tonight Show

Following more commercials, on the Tonight Show, Fallon interviewed his second guest of the episode, presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Fallon said “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jeb Bush!”

Fallon asked Bush if his name was short for “Jebediah,” and Bush replied that it was really for “John Ellis Bush.” Of course, it seems to be a bit redundant that his last name is “Bush,” and “Bush” is a part of the acronym making up his first name, but that is the case.

Fallon told him “I love your mom so much! She is so quick. She said that there were already too many Bushes in the White House.'”

Bush joked about it a little, then he talked about when he met his wife in Sierra Leone. They worked together building a schoolhouse there. He did not know much Spanish and she did not know much English. He said that in their house, they “speak Spanish most of the time. All of the time when she’s mad at me.”

Bush said that he admired his dad and he added that his brother was “a much better artist than I am.” He called himself “younger and better-looking,” though. Then, the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

When the Tonight Show returned, Fallon continued interviewing Bush. He asked Bush what he should do when he started to learn how to act like him, in order to do an impersonation of him if he became the next president. Bush said he was known for his “stern look,” and he demonstrated it for Fallon.

Fallon asked Bush about his having lost thirty pounds. Bush said he was “following the Paleo Diet.” He said that he “got tired and grumpy,” but he “cheated about once a week,” when he came home to his family. Fallon asked him about his “recipe for guacamole.”

Fallon then asked Bush about Puerto Rico, saying that he “loved it.” Bush said that he loved it, too, and they talked more about it until the Tonight Show went to yet another break.

Tonight Show

After the break, Fallon introduced the Tonight Show‘s musical guest, Courtney Barnett. She sang Pedestrian at Best from her latest album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I just Sit. She ROCKED OUT, somewhat reminiscent of Patti Smith, though she has also been compared to musical artists such as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tracy Chapman and Neil Young. The audience applauded wildly as she finished singing.

Besides Barnett rocking the place out at the end of the Tonight Show, Fallon’s two guests before her, Billy Crystal and Jeb Bush, were also entertaining. Bush even “Slow Jammed the News” with Fallon. Crystal talked about some of the experiences he had when he was newly married, and also about his upcoming FX comedy series, The Comedians. Bush was on the show, obviously, to promote himself as a person people should vote for to be the next president. Still, he came across as a pretty nice guy, and somebody who has a sense of humor.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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