‘Tonight Show’: Vince Vaughn and Jim Gaffigan Were Fallon’s Guests

Tonight Show

On the Tonight Show this Friday, Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests were the actor Vince Vaughn, from the HBO series, True Detective, and his second guest was actor and comedian, Jim Gaffigan, who stars in the upcoming aptly-named series The Jim Gaffigan Show. Fallon played a game of 5 Second Summary with Vaughn later in the show. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was Ryn Weaver. Also, Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy bit, making for an entertaining episode to end the week with.

Fallon began the Tonight Show by coming out onto the stage to a standing ovation. He did his monologue, joking about a variety of subjects from the news, like the U.S. Open going on this weekend, and how Tiger Woods was doing — not well, at least judging by a clip that Fallon showed of him blowing a shot. Fallon also showed a clip of an announcer at the U.S. Open saying that weed was now being allowed there, but not bottles of water.

In another weed-related piece of news, Fallon joked about the supposed fact that fewer teens were now smoking pot. He showed a Pie Chart, and talked about the percentages of teens who admitted they smoked marijuana and those who just wanted to eat pie. He also mentioned that soon, robots called “Pepper” will be on sale in Japan.

On the Tonight Show, Fallon sent out one of his staff members, Arthur, into the street to talk to people about Father’s Day and ask them questions about their dads in a bit he called “Pop Quiz.” Arthur asked one boy what his dad’s “favorite food” was, and the boy said “lettuce.” He claimed that his dad liked to eat a lot of lettuce. Another son said that he thought his balding father looked “like a naked mole rat.”

(Technical issues occurred, so there will not be a mention of what Fallon talked about in his weekly “Thank You Notes” segment. Fallon’s first guest of the evening was the actor, Vince Vaughn.)

Fallon and Vaughn talked about Vaughn’s doing Ecstasy and then deciding to go out to a restaurant. They both said it was a fun night. Then, Fallon changed the subject to True Detective, and Vaughn mentioned Fallon’s interview last night with another star of the show, Colin Farrell.

Season Two starts on Sunday night. Fallon showed a clip from the premiere episode. Farrell and Vaughn were both in it; it looked like a cool and intense scene. Fallon said “Me and Vince Vaughn will play a game right after the break.”

They played 5 Second Summary on the Tonight Show. The object was to describe the plot within 5 seconds without giving out the title. Vaughn went first, and got Fallon to guess Home Alone. Fallon did not get Vaughn to guess “Independence Day.”

Fallon gave a short clue, and got Vaughn to guess “Swingers.” But he did not succeed in getting Vaughn to guess “Ghostbusters.”

With one second for the next round, somehow Vaughn got Fallon to guess “Jurassic World.” Vaughn followed it up by giving another one-second clue and Fallon guessed “Magic Mike,” which was the correct answer. More commercials followed.

Tonight Show

After another break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Jim Gaffigan, who stars in The Jim Gaffigan Show. Fallon wished him a happy Father’s Day.

Gaffigan said “How weird is that? Father’s Day is like celebrating Darth Vader’s birthday. I say I have a lot of kids, because I don’t know the exact number.” He said that “even the gifts are weird. A tie? Who wants a silk noose? My eight-year-old gave me a book. Who wants a book picked out by an eight-year-old?”

Gaffigan said that one of his sons developed an attachment for him. but he said it worried him. “I was concerned for his judgment.” Tonight Show

Gaffigan then joked about summer, saying “I’m not a fan of summer.” He then talked with Fallon about his series, The Jim Gaffigan Show. Gaffigan said that the clip Fallon was about to show was of him and his wife being interviewed by a school about accepting their kids.  

When the Tonight Show returned from yet another break, Fallon mentioned that Gaffigan “was playing Madison Square Garden.” Then, he introduced the musical guest, Ryn Weaver, singing Promises off of her debut album, The Fool. She sounded wonderful, with a trill in her voice as she sang. She rocked the place out, with her powerful and melodic voice.

It was a terrific episode of the Tonight Show, a great way to end another work week and go into the Father’s Day weekend having seen. Vince Vaughn and the always funny Jim Gaffigan were Fallon’s two main guests. Vaughn and Fallon talked about fun times they have had together, and about the HBO series Vaughn stars in, True Detective. Gaffigan joked about being a dad, Father’s Day, and he and Fallon talked about his upcoming series, The Jim Gaffigan Show. Musical artist, Ryn Weaver, entranced the studio audience with her song Promises.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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