‘Tonight Show’: Colin Farrell and Jason Schwartzman Were Fallon’s Guests

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Tonight Show

Colin Farrell from True Detective and Jason Schwartzman from the movie The Overnight were Fallon’s guests on the Tonight Show this Thursday night. Elmo, from Sesame Street, was a third guest, and he brought along some of his Muppet buddies with him. Elmo even introduced the guests at the start of the show.

Fallon began the episode by doing his monologue, after receiving a standing ovation from the studio audience. He thanked everyone, and said “this is the Tonight Show! This is it!” He joked about Father’s Day being only three days away. Elmo was the show’s announcer tonight. Fallon said that “Higgins,” the show’s usual announcer, “Was off somewhere getting tickled by strangers.”

Fallon then showed a clip of a montage of everyone who has declared that they will be running for president. He said that Hillary signed a note for a boy’s teacher, to explain why he was absent from school. He said that “Starting in 2020, a woman will be replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $20 bill.” (Note: Actually, this has been changed to the $10 bill, and Andrew Jackson will be replaced.)

He then said that “the Olympic sport of race walking is being scrutinized in Russia, where they are being accused of using illegal drugs.” He showed a clip of a wedding photographer who tried to tape the wedding couple’s dance, but as he followed them in a circle, he tripped and fell down.

Then, Fallon thanked the “guest announcer,” Elmo, and congratulated him on his cook book. He said that Elmo will be doing a cooking demonstration later. Fallon will also do his “Thank You Notes” tomorrow night and said Colin Farrell will be a guest tonight, and he will do a “True Confessions” bit with the host. He said that actor Jason Schwartzman will be his second guest.

Fallon next did his weekly Tonight Show Hashtags bit. The subject was #DadQuotes. some of them were “My dad doesn’t do cadio on a treadmill. He puts rum and Coke in a cup holder and calls it ‘Ba-cardio.” Another one was “During Thanksgiving dinner, my dad looked up from his plate with gravy on his lips and said ‘Gravy — man’s lip gloss.'” Still another one was “My granddad told me ‘You’re not completely worthless. You can be used as a bad example.”

Fallon introduced his first guest on the Tonight Show, actor Colin Farrell from True Detective, right after a break on the Tonight Show. Fallon asked Farrell is he had ever met Elmo before. He said that he had, and even grew up with him, having a toy Elmo. Fallon mentioned that Ireland had legalized gay marriage.” He said “this is a big deal for you,” referring to Farrell’s brother, who left Ireland and got married to his husband in the United States before gay marriage was legalized in Ireland.

“The whole country came together in a massive gesture of love,” Farrell said.

Unfortunately, U-Verse then went on the blink briefly. When it finally came back on, a clip of Farrell acting in True Detective was showing on the TV screen. It looked pretty intense and the new season will premiere this Sunday night. Fallon said that he and Farrell will be playing a new game right after the next break.

The game on the Tonight Show was called True Confessions. They had to get another player “to fill out the table,” Fallon said.

That player was…Farrell’s co-star on True Detective, Vince Vaughn! There were two envelopes in front of each of them with both a lie and a truth in them.

Farrell read off “When I was a late teen I was brought in as a suspect in an attempted murder.” He was asked a series of questions, like “How long ago was it?” and “What was the guy’s name?” and “What did he look like?”

Vaughn said “I don’t know. This might be a guy who got away with attempted murder.” Fallon said he thought it was a true story. Farrell admitted that he had been actually called in by the cops. The cops showed him a sketch and Farrell said “It looked like him.”

It was then Fallon’s turn on the Tonight Show. He read off that “I got my head stuck in a fence and my grandma used mayonnaise to get my head out.”

He was grilled, and asked things like “Why did you put your head in the fence?” Farrell and Vaughn said they thought it was true. Fallon said “It was true.” He had been stuck for “about an hour.”

Vaughn then tried. He read off a card in the envelope that he was in the play “The King and I” and he “commanded the stage.” He was asked questions and asked to sing Getting to Know You, which he did. He admitted “I was the king in ‘The King and I.'”

Tonight Show

Following a break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced actor Jason Schwartzman from The Overnight. He talked about “a group who made a surprise appearance the last two times he was on.” He brought an album with him and told Fallon he had a dream about him. He said he always had the dream to be on the show and be interviewed by Fallon, but while getting a massage.

Tonight Show

Fallon replied “It’s the Tonight Show and we’re all about making dreams come real.” They both got in massage chair and got massaged as Fallon asked him about having once gotten a massage. Schwartzman said he did not like the massage very much. As they were both talking, the people doing the so-called “massage” kept man-handling them, then they began to massage each other.

The people on the Tonight Show doing the massage lifted up the arms of Fallon and Schwartzman as they talked and tickled them under their pits. Schwartzman said that he put on an article of clothing that he thought was a G-string. He related a very odd story about the experience.

They talked about the movie The Overnight. Fallon said it was a really weird but funny movie. He showed a clip from the flick, and it was…strange to say the least, but somewhat humorous.

Tonight Show

After more commercials, Fallon was back on the Tonight Show with Elmo, Jason Schwartman and Questlove from The Roots. They made “Elmo’s Waffles With Grilled Cheese.” Elmo said “I forget,” how to make them, but Fallon told him “You can do it, with an adult’s help.”

Then, Elmo talked about making “Sloppy Oscars,” instead of “Sloppy Joes.” Elmo directed them to mix the ingredients together and they tried out the “Sloppy Oscars.” Fallon said “Oh, my God! I love it so much!”

Colin Farrell, Jason Schwartzman and Elmo were Fallon’s guests on the Tonight Show. Actor Vince Vaughn joined in on the fun when Fallon and Farrell played the game True Confessions. Elmo needed a bit of help with his cooking demonstration, as he “is only three years old,” and…yes, he is a Muppet and lacks opposable thumbs, as well. Still, that ticklish orange-colored furry Muppet can cook a mean “Sloppy Oscar.”

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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