UK: Cannibal Ex-Con Eats Young Woman’s Face in Hotel

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In the UK, a cannibal ex-con was caught eating a young woman’s face in a hotel room after he murdered her. Matthew Williams was that ex-con, and was a murder suspect. He was only released a few weeks ago, and met a young woman while out on the town in the UK, and took her up to his hotel room. It was after he stabbed her in the face, and cut out her eyes that he began eating her face. When criminals with violent pasts are released from prison they are set up in hotels around the UK. Some of them have done time for rape, unfortunately however the other guests in the hotels are not informed of this.

Williams was released after serving only a couple of years for aggressively attacking his business partner. Wednesday night he met 22-year-old Cerys Yemms, and viciously murdered her. He had been put in the South Wales hotel by the Caerphilly assembly. When a hotel staff member knocked on the door he ignored their repeated attempts asking him to open the door, and security was informed. A security guard busted in and found Williams committing the horrifying act. A source that lives near by said he acted like the real version of Hannibal Lechter, and that he had cut her eyes out, and then ate them.

In the UK, ex-con Williams who turned cannibal, stabbed, and began to eat a young woman’s face in the hotel room, was reportedly high on cocaine at the time. The police had to taser Williams and he died while they were trying to subdue him. Williams was 34-years-old and was given first aid when he had been looked at by medical personnel.

The BBC investigated and discovered that all over the country the homeless and ex-cons had been put in bed and breakfast rooms, as well as hotel rooms. The owner of the Sirhowy Arms hotel where the horrible crime took place said that for more than five years the assembly has sent her susceptible teenagers, as well as homeless people, and it always gave her a good feeling to put a temporary roof over their heads, but after this tragedy she has induced her rights to request information and find out exactly who is staying in her hotel. In a shocking revelation, 10 of the homeless she was sent were ex-cons and had violent pasts. A few had been sex offenders in the UK.

Another woman who lived in the neighborhood told the press that he was an animal, and it was good that the police accidentally killed him. They needed to prevent him from doing this again.

Paula Yemms, the victim’s mother spoke to the media¬†and stated that she is devastated over the gruesome tragedy of her young daughter. Yemms said that she needed to know why he was put there if he was such a violent criminal. What procedure broke down that this ex-con could murder and eat a young woman’s face in a hotel room.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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