‘Killjoys’ Slash Their Way Onto SyFy Network


The new action-comedy series Killjoys hopes to blow science fiction fans away with their premiere season on the Syfy channel June 19. With high-tech weaponry and intergalactic foes that need to be captured, Killjoys slash their way onto the SyFy network with an anticipated open arms premiere. The Canadian space adventure follows the lives of three intergalactic bounty hunters, Dutch, played by Hannah John-Kamen, who is best known for her role as Viva in the musical, Viva Forever. Brothers D’avin and John Jaqobis played by Canadian actor and musician, Luke Macfarlane, and Aaron Ashmore. Ashmore is better known for his work on Warehouse 13 and Smallville. Not to be confused with his identical twin brother, Shawn Ashmore, who is known greatly for his role as Iceman in the X-Men trilogy films.

The series takes place on planet Quad where leading character Dutch, a reclamation agent (better known as a Killjoy), battles violent outlaws with brothers D’avin and John Jaqobis. D’avin, the man of mystery, has a lot of secret layers that need uncovering. Quick witted and even quicker fighting skills, D’avin brings to the show a light-hearted humor and a strong juxtaposed persona in the midst of a romanticized, action-filled, science fiction series. John, D’avin’s younger tech-savvy brother, proves to be the voice of reason in the series, critics say. With a preference to talk things out rather than shooting bullets, John stands to be the middle man stuck in-between his over impulsive older brother and the sexy and deadly Dutch, around whom the story seems to revolve.

Lost Girl creator, Michelle Lovretta, brings her writing skills to life in her new creation of Killjoys while continuing her trend of a strong female presence leading the series.  John-Kamen, known as Dutch in the series, is a spicy and dangerous bounty hunter who, seemingly, is at the top of her game. Having no issue with slicing and dicing and asking questions later, Dutch’s loyalties lie in those she deems worthy of her friendship. Despite the story’s suggested history that Dutch was meant to be an emotionless assassin, Syfy fans look forward to John-Kamen giving them action, intrigue, and sensual love affairs.

With a platonic bond to John and extreme loyal friendship between the two characters, the series opens up with the newest recruit, D’avin, joining the hunt as tensions are sure to rise between he and his formerly estranged brother. Critics say they look forward to seeing D’avin’s ex-soldier skills diminish to the onslaught of post-traumatic stress disorder as his storyline develops further throughout Killjoys first season.

Some critics and SyFy fans alike are not too sure how much traction the new series aims to gain being light years behind the networks following of shows such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. However, other fans are hopeful that the new trio of Killjoys can slash their way onto the SyFy network and etch out their place for seasons to come. Although currently bookended between the networks rising show Defiance (in its third season) and another new series, Dark Matter, fans are not too sure how long Killjoys can last in the 9 p.m. time slot currently given.

Science fiction fans say there are always new ways to spin the galaxy. With new alien species to create, new worlds to discover and new storylines to fall in love with, evolving from there. However, many agree that the SyFy network’s community of watchers are, at large, a very tight-knit bunch of viewers with very particular loyalties.

With at least three new series in their first season, critics say too many new shows may throw off fans from wanting to watch them and inadvertently causing any new series to suffer because of it. According to online discussion boards, science fiction is among those genres that can be very rigorous in its fan bases ability to open themselves up to something new. They enjoy what works and stick guardingly close to it to ensure its success. Killjoys may be slashing their way onto the Syfy network, but hopefully fans allow them the space and opportunity to stay past their first premiering season. Killjoys airs Friday’s at 9 p.m. on the Syfy channel.

By Danyol Jaye

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