Jennifer Aniston, Theroux Engagement Off? Reportedly Separated for Months


Jennifer Aniston’s former plans on marrying longtime fiance Justin Theroux may be scrapped as reports claim that the couple has spent most of the year apart from one another. It has been three years since Aniston first announced her engagement to the Hollywood star, and while many had assumed that she would rush her plans to wed the 43-year-old, the actress has been doing the complete opposite.

In the latest issue of inTouch magazine, the news outlet is very vocal when saying that Aniston and Theroux will never walk down the aisle, simply because they put work before anything else. The duo has given the impression that marriage is not for them seeing that they cannot even spend time with one another without thinking about work-related topics. A source reveals that while Aniston has been working on her forthcoming projects in Los Angeles, her fiance is held in Rome where he is currently shooting Zoolander 2. From there, the actor will go on to finish filming scenes for his follow-up film The Leftovers which is reportedly being filmed in Texas.

An insider for inTouch further adds that with the way things have been going between the two, fans should not be surprised to hear that the couple have split and called off their engagement. “Justin and Jen go weeks without seeing each other,” the insider shared. It is also noted that Aniston and Theroux have not been seen out in public for more than three months; the last time they were seen together was at the Vanity Fair Oscar’s Party in February.

Tabloids are convinced that the duo will not make it down the aisle for an endless amount of reasons. Back in 2014 it was famously claimed that the 46-year-old former Friends actress may have only accepted the engagement ring from Theroux to convince people she was finally over her ex-husband Brad Pitt who has long been rumoured to still be considered Aniston’s love of her life. The couple’s divorce in 2005 came after Pitt met Angelina Jolie on the set of their film Mrs. & Smith. Reports would then go on to allege that while Pitt was desperate to start a family of his own, Aniston was against the idea, leading to their sudden split and resulting in a quick divorce which would see Pitt reunite with Jolie soon after.

It is unclear when Aniston and Theroux plan on tying the knot but taking into account that the couple is barely able to find time for one another, insiders suggest that the Golden Globe award-winning actress will soon end her relationship to Theroux. It is argued that for Aniston to wait more than three years before she even considers moving ahead with her wedding indicates strong signs that she may never have had any interest in going ahead with marriage plans in the first place. It was supposedly just one big lie.

By Maurice Cassidy


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