Scott Disick’s Alcohol Abuse Leads to a Kardashian Intervention


Scott Disick’s behavior has gotten so out of control that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly stepped in, hoping that they can get the socialite to sober up for the sake of his children.

Disick has openly admitted to having an alcohol problem in the past, but fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star were shocked to learn his ex-manager confess that the TV-personality also battled a cocaine addiction. The stunning claim did not sit too well with the Kardashians, so much that West and his wife were one of the first people to try and do everything they can in getting Disick to a better space in his life.

According to reports, Kimye are so concerned about Disick for the fact that he is the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children. Moreover, the 32-year-old lost both of his parents just over a year ago and has openly admitted that the loss of his mother and father ignited his rebellious side to let loose, showcasing a very negative side to his persona. Hoping that they can make a difference in his life, Kardashian and West are weighing their options on how they can help the troubled star in sobering up and being a better role model for his three kids.

“They told Scott that he has to get help. The fact that he was too wasted to do a meet and greet for charity in Montreal on June 6 was the last straw,” a source tells inTouch, adding that the entire family is sick and tired of treating Disick like a baby. Everyone is aware of the fact that the death of his parents was hard on him, but to relentlessly drink and come in contact with drugs is not the way forward and the way that Kimye plan on handling this situation will finally give him the wake up call he needs.

Having checked into rehab on several occasions, Disick has shown that whatever treatment he was given had clearly not worked on him. Instead, it is rumoured that West is planning a huge getaway trip for the entire family, hoping that the journey will allow the socialite to cleanse his mind from thinking about alcohol and drugs. The vacation could potentially lead to the Bahamas, somewhere Disick would have no access to getting himself alcohol since the 32-year-old would be watched at all times. He has been given several ultimatums in the past but now that West has stepped in as a friend who is looking out for him, Disick has looked at the situation differently and wants to better himself. Not just for his pal, his wife or his children but also for himself.

It should be noted that with Keeping Up With the Kardashians returning to shoot its upcoming episodes early next month, it is very likely that Disick’s journey from an addict to a sober man could be documented for the E! program. Whether he will make a drastic change and get himself together is yet to be seen. 

By Maurice Cassidy


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