Wide-Eyed Alien Cat Matilda Goes Viral on Instagram

MatildaMatilda the wide-eyed alien cat has gone viral on Instagram and raised thousands of dollars for surgery. The feline who lives with her owners in British Columbia suffers from spontaneous lens luxation, which led to her giant-eyed appearance. Matilda’s story and unusual look have caused her to become an almost instant Instagram celebrity raising enough money for her much-needed surgery and other cats like her.

According to the Instagram account set up by her owners, who call themselves servants, this wide-eyed cat claims to be an adorable alien who was sent down to handle her human servants and explore Earth. According to Matilda’s servants, Bearded Man and The Lady, the lovable kitty was born in 2013 on Valentine’s Day. After being removed from a hoarder’s home by an animal rescue organization, the kitten was adopted and quickly became part of the family.

It was not until after her first birthday that her owners began to notice something different about her eyes. On occasion, the kitten’s right pupil would expand in width and then return to its original shape. The Bearded Man and The Lady began seeking help from a variety of veterinarians before learning from a specialist that the lens in Matilda’s eye was detached from the rest of the eye for no known reason.

Other than the mysterious condition called spontaneous lens luxation Matilda is a healthy feline. What the owners later learned was out of a litter of six kittens, three of Matilda’s siblings were also affected. Two of them had already undergone surgery to have the lenses removed, but suffered a difficult time recovering. The specialist believes the healing process was so difficult because their disorder possibly involves a collagen deficiency.

After learning of the siblings’ difficulty, Matilda’s owners decided to forgo the surgery and allow her eyes to take their own journey. Eventually, both of the kitten’s lens detached causing her to become the wide-eyed feline people have come to love. However, Matilda has since gone blind and will eventually require surgery to have the enlarged eyes removed.

In order to raise funds for the feline’s surgery, her owners set up a GoFundMe page and basically allowed Matilda to raise the money herself. The initial goal of $2,500 was reached in a matter of days and continues to grow. In addition to Matilda’s website which keeps her fans updated, the servants have created another dedicated to raising money to help other pet owners pay for expensive medical procedures.

Matilda’s owners are not sure what comes next but report she is happy and has as much personality as any normal cat. The Bearded Man and The Lady know they have to prepare for the cat’s future. They are grateful for all of the support they continue to receive and are relieved to know when the time for surgery arrives they will have the money to pay for it.

The owners hope her new-found fame will inspire animal lovers worldwide to contribute to the fund which will help other pets receive the care they require. The servants are donating 25 percent of the funds raised to an animal welfare charity to help other pets in need of financial help right away. The servants are hopeful for the day when Matilda’s condition is stabilized and they no longer have to worry about potential expensive procedures. At that time, the family will continue to raise money which will all be donated to animal charities.

While Matilda may have a long journey ahead, her owners say she is adoring all of the extra attention she receives for her wide-eyed gaze. The alien cat has gone viral on Instagram and gained celebrity type status. She has raised enough money for her much-needed surgery and for other cats like her. Anyone wishing to donate or follow the feline’s journey can go to AlienCatMatilda.com or follow her on all social network platforms.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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All Photos Courtesy of Alien-Cat Matilda

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