Holocene Extinction May Cause End of Humanity

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Holocene Extinction

Holocene Extinction is the sixth mass extinction for Earth, and according to new studies it may cause the end of humanity. Ironically, the Holocene Extinction is caused by humans.

Dinosaurs became extinct 60,0000 million years ago during the fifth mass extinction, but this was due to an icy climate change rather than a firestorm of asteroid. According to a Science Advances study entitled Accelerated Modern Human-Induced Species Losses; Entering the sixth mass extinction, “life would take millions of years to recover, and due to the human caused Holocene extinction, humans would disappear early on. This study was authored by Andres Garcia, Paul Ehrlich, Todd Palmer, Robert Pringle, Anthony Barnosky and its lead author is senior ecological researcher at the University of Mexico, National Autonomous, Gerardo Ceballos,

CNN report stated,” the past five mass extinctions that took place on Earth were caused by natural disasters, such as meteors, and volcanic eruptions that wiped out half to 95 percent of all living species on the planet”. Researchers do not believe the Holocene Extinction for Earth would result from a nature catastrophe, but instead it will be the result of man-made disruptions that have been made to the environment such as deforestation, overfishing, global warming, and poaching, which may cause the end of humanity. Studies have proven that species are becoming extinct 100 times faster than before. Since humans are the dominant species on the planet, they are likely to go first, due to the human population’s continuous growth, and resources beginning to become scarce.

Elrich and his fellow co-workers told sources,” the window of opportunity which saves threatened habitats, species, and populations is closing faster than before.” However, in an unrelated study by Environmental Research Letters stated, ” the death rate of winter will not decrease due to global warming.” While the article in the Science journal, which was published earlier this year, it was found that the continuous rise of global warming will lead to almost six species becoming extinct.

To potentially avoid the sixth mass extinction, rapid intensified efforts would have to take place; these include habitat loss, as well as diminishing the constant rise of climate change, economic equity, and over-exploitation of economic gain. Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg argued on June 19, “extinction rates will not be as dreadful as many scientists and researchers claim they are going to be.” he continued, ” humans are causing more extinctions to happen amongst other species, but complete extinction is not likely to occur for another hundred or thousands of years.”

The environmentalist agreed with some sources, stating if rich countries begin to stop deforestation the process will take even longer to occur. The process is more than likely to decline because countries will be rich before the Earth reaches its next century, and they will be able to focus on preserving the natural Earth.

As scientists continue to study the Holocene Extinction that may cause the end of humanity, there is still time to slow the process down if small steps begin to take place today. Humanity will have to conserve the species that are currently becoming extinct; by reducing the pressure placed on their habitats and populations, this could cease the Holocene Extinction.

By Krystle Mitchell

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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