‘Arrow’ Panel at Comic-Con Introduces Provocative Characters [Recap]


The Arrow panel at Comic-Con was not only a question and answer session, but it was also a teaser-filled experience which included the introduction of the provacative Green Arrow. To introduce the panel, The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, was on hand to kick things off. Somerhalder announced that it was time to “meet team Arrow” and he introduced the man who would be asking the questions of the producers and cast of the show, Jarett Wieselman of Buzzfeed. The panel took place in Hall H of the convention center, the largest of the rooms at the event.

Prior to the actual panel, the Arrow in his new suit, walked out to introduce himself. Once more he talks about how he has come to this point and how he has both gained and lost different people. Arrow admits that he has failed and yet the city still needs saving. He and his team will continue to fight to save the city and he says that the fans have come this far on the journey and he asks that they all come just a bit further with the Green Arrow.

On hand for the chat session was Jeff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Greg Berlanti, one of the executive producers for the series, plus a number of cast members and other executive producers. The cast members on hand for the panel were (listed in order of introduction), Paul Blackthorne, DaviArrowd Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, and John Barrowman.

As the Arrow panel at Comic-Con begins, Barrowman immediately begins recording the opening of the panel with his cell phone. One can clearly see him panning not only the audience, but also the panel as the discussion commences. Right off the bat Wieselman brings up the new suit for Amell’s alter ego, Arrow. Amell responds that he has no idea what he is talking about and it seems as if the suit is perhaps supposed to have been a secret.

The conversation continues with Wieselman asking how the new suit compares to others that he has worn. The actor starts off by giving credit to the person who has designed not only the latest suit, but also all of them from the very beginning, Maya Mani. Amell then says that every single thing that was asked of Mani in regards to the suit was done and he feels that she has nailed it. Amell then asks the audience if they like the new look to loud screams and approval. With a small smile he then says, “good!”

Wieselman then asks Berlanti how the suit is going to factor in to the new season, as it seems as if the suit is battle ready. Berlanti responds that they have always said that the progression is all about taking Oliver Queen from being Arrow to the Green Arrow, and this is actually the very first step towards that particular goal.

As the executive producers get in on the discussion of what is coming in the next season, they address the direction and tone of what is to come. It is made clear that the show is not going to become a comedy, but as the season kicks off viewers will see a different side of Oliver, one in which he is in love and much happier overall. In fact, this new mood is going to infuse all of the characters with a new feeling. There will be more fun and light to the show than there has been in seasons past.

Once the feel of the new season was discussed, it was on to new characters, in particular the villains. Johns as the CCO of DC Entertainment talks about these upcoming additions to the Arrow world. One such character is Damien Darhk, who actually hails from the Titans universe in DC comics. He also mentions that there will be a number of characters from within the DC world that will be making appearances in the series. These are characters he says that the fans will not be expecting to see on Arrow, either. One of the executive producers also teases that Batman fans will know another character joining Damien. For those fans, the man’s name is Anarchy.

Arrow has always been very centered oArrown origin stories and one they plan to introduce in the new season is Mr. Terrific. Their version of Mr. Terrific will actually be gay, as the executive producer mentions that viewers have been asking for more LGBT characters.

The ladies also got to talk about how they felt about putting on their own suits and taking on these superhero characters. The women seemed ecstatic and happy that they are getting a chance to play strong female roles. All of the women seemed proud of their suits and how it made them feel getting them on for the very first time.

Each of the members on the panel is now in some sort of suit, except Blackthorne, yet each of the characters portrayed is a part of Team Arrow. Moving on from talk of the suits and the team, there was also congratulations in order for winning as “SHIP” of the year at the MTV fandom awards for Felicity and Oliver. The two actors were proud and said that it did mean a lot to them and they also thanked their fans for all of their support.

The panel for Arrow at Comic-Con ended with questions from the audience and much laughter from not only the fans, but also the actors and producers. Although there was not much time for questions, the addition of the questions gave everyone a chance to interact a little more in a fun way.

By Kimberley Spinney


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