Miss USA 2015: Miss Oklahoma Crowned Miss USA

Miss USA 2015

The Miss USA 2015 Pageant continued on this Sunday, July 12, despite controversy over Donald Trump, with Miss California USA, Natasha Martinez, slamming him because of his remarks about immigration, though it was televised on a different channel, Reelz. Donald Trump’s association with the pageant was behind why NBC and Univsion dropped it, the scheduled hosts decided against hosting it, and why many of the judges and celebs like Flo Rida also decided not to take part in it this year.

However, Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard stated that the Miss USA 2015 Pageant was a “special event,” adding that “the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition.” The Miss USA 2015 Pageant, the 64th one there has been, was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the pageant’s co-hosts were Emmy Award-winning host Todd Newton and former Miss Wisconsin USA 2009 Alex Wehrley.

Adley Stump, who was a former contestant on The Voice Season 2 and is a country singer, was one of the musical artists who performed during the Miss USA 2015 Pageant. Also, music mogul Master P and his daughter Cymphonique, who both star in the upcoming REELZ series Master P’s Family Empire, made special guest appearances with backstage host OK!TV’s Julie Alexandria. The nine judges were Michelle McLean-Bailey, Brook Lee, Nana Meriwether, Kimberly Pressler, Leila Umenyiora, Tara Conner, Rima Fakih, Danielle Doty and Crystle Stewart.

The Miss USA 2015 Pageant began with a montage of scenes from locations in Baton Rouge, and also of the contestants preparing for the Miss USA 2015 pageant by getting their hair done. Then, the opening musical number was Born on the Bayou.The contestants wore identical dresses and fanned themselves during the performance of the song.

The contestants taking part in the Miss USA 2105 Pageant all introduced themselves as the background music of the song was still going on. Some of the later contestants who introduced themselves wore blue dresses and carried blue umbrellas with them. After North Carolina, the rest of the competitors came out dressed in red dresses, to the tune of American Woman.

After they were all introduced, all of the Miss USA 2015 contestants took the stage, and the hosts were introduced. Newton promised that the show would be “the best one ever.” He then looked back at his co-host, Wehrley, getting crowned Miss Wisconsin USA in 2009. Then, Alexandria was backstage, and she said she would be giving reports throughout the Miss USA 2015 Pageant about what was going on backstage.

When the Miss USA 2015 Pageant came back on, There were a few more scenes of the contestants having fun at a party at a mansion. The co-hosts talked about all of the work that the contestants went through, first having to win pageants at the local, regional and state levels before getting to participate in the Miss USA Pageant.

Miss USA 2015

Some of the parents of some of the Miss USA 2015 contestants then talked about their daughters in a clip, saying how proud they were of them. Newton then introduced the nine judges, who were all past contestants and winners of various pageants.The judges had to narrow the Top 15 down to the Top 10 finalists.

Before Sunday night’s Miss USA 2015 Pageant, there was a preliminary judging involving other judges. Those judges determined who the Top 15 contestants would be. The Top 15 women were Miss Texas, Miss Arizona, Maureen Montagne; Miss Maryland, Mamé Adjei; Ylianna Guerra; Miss Michigan, Rashontae Wawrzyniak; Miss Virginia, Laura Puleo; Miss Rhode Island, Anea Garcia; Miss Kentucky, Katie George; Miss Hawaii, Emma Wo; Miss New York, Thatiana Diaz; Miss Illinois, Renee Wronecki; Miss Nevada, Brittany McGowan; Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan; Miss Delaware, Renee Bull; Miss Louisiana, Candice Bennatt; and, last but not least, Miss Alabama, Madison Guthrie.

Alexandria interviewed some of the Top 15 contestants briefly, and said that they would be now getting ready for the swimsuit competition. Then, the Miss USA 2015 Pageant headed to another commercial break.

Following the break, the Miss USA 2015 Pageant was back, with the Top 15 contestants taking part in the swimsuit portion of the competition. First, though, more scenes were shown of the competitors having a fun time at some of the over 100 parks, like water parks, that Baton Rouge has to offer tourists. Some of the women were shown water skiing, taking part in kayak races, and other fun activities.

Miss USA 2014, Nia Sanchez, was then shown, preparing for tonight’s pageant and bestowing the Miss USA 2015 crown to whoever wins. Sanchez was wearing a beautiful yellow dress when she was introduced and came onto the stage. She related some of her best memories of the past year, representing her country. She also said she was going to “get married” so she “was really excited about that.”

After that, Alexandria introduced Master P and his daughter, Cymphonique, who will be singing later in the show. Newton and Alex asked a couple of the judges some questions, so that the viewers of America would get to know a bit more about them. A montage of scenes were then shown of some of the Miss USA 2015 contestants who were from various mixed races and heritages talking about their parents, and how they struggled to become successful and how America is accepting of all cultures.

When the Miss USA 2015 Pageant returned following more commercials, Newton said it was time for the swimsuit competition. Alex said that the swimsuits “were some of the most daring” ones yet. Travis Garland sang as the Top 15 were introduced.

Miss Texas was first, wearing a red bikini; Miss Maryland was next, in a white bikini; Miss Arizona wore a red, sparkly bikini; and, Miss Michigan had a white bikini on. Miss Virginia was the first to be wearing a blue bikini, Miss Rhode Island wore a white bikini, Miss Kentucky chose a sparkly blue bikini tonight, Miss Hawaii was wearing a red bikini, Miss New York had a blue bikini on, Miss Illinois wore a sparkling red bikini, Miss Nevada had a white bikini on, Miss Oklahoma was wearing a blue bikini, Miss Delaware had a red bikini on, Miss Louisiana wore a white bikini, and Miss Alabama had a red bikini on.

Back from another break, on the Miss USA 2015 Pageant, some of the contestants were shown, who had careers as lawyers or in politics. Newton said that the judges had voted, and the Top Ten women were Miss Nevada, Brittany McGowan; Miss Hawaii, Emma Wo; Miss Rhode Island, Anea Garcia; Miss Maryland, Mamé Adjei, Miss Alabama, Madison Guthrie; Miss Louisiana, Candice Bennatt; Miss Michigan, Rashontae Wawrzyniak; Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan; Miss Delaware, Renee Bull; and Miss Texas, Ylianna Guerra.

Alexandria interviewed some of the Top Ten Miss USA 2015 Pageant contestants backstage, asking them what their favorite food “indulgences” were, like In and Out Burgers and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Alexandria stated that the Evening Gown competition would be next, after yet another commercial break. Newton said that viewers at home would get to “save” their favorite contestant who had been eliminated, through their votes online.

When the Miss USA 2015 Pageant came back on, the voting was still ongoing. Newton and Alex talked with a couple more of the judges, asking them questions like “What are the qualities that make a great Miss USA?” and “How does winning the crown change your life?”

Alexandria interviewed Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady, briefly. She asked Brady if she “had any words of advice” for the remaining ladies. She gave some advice, and the mic was open so the contestants backstage could hear her reply. Then, past winners of the Miss USA crown were shown in a montage, talking about what it felt like getting crowned and the doors of opportunity that opened up for them as a result.

After more commercials, the Miss USA 2015 Pageant came back with the Evening Gown part of the competition. Adley Stump sang Little Black Dress as the Top Ten competitors were shown, wearing their evening gowns. The competitor who was “saved” by the votes of the viewers of America was revealed. The lucky young woman was Miss Kentucky, Katie George. She was the first woman introduced, wearing a beautiful green evening gown.

Miss Nevada was next, wearing a pink dress. Miss Hawaii was in a white evening gown with a see-through skirt. Miss Rhode Island was the tallest competitor, at six feet tall. She wore a white evening gown. Miss Maryland was wearing a green evening gown with cutouts and appliques. Miss Alabama had on a teal green evening gown.

Miss Louisiana had on a white evening gown, embellished with gold and silver. Miss Michigan wore a white evening gown with overlay on it. Miss Oklahoma wore a pink or fuchsia evening gown, while Miss Delaware had on a gorgeous yellow evening gown. Finally, Miss Texas was wearing a white evening gown with crystals at the back of it.

Back on the Miss USA 2015 Pageant, more scenes from around Baton Rouge were shown, like at the haunted Myrtle Plantation. Scenes of the contestants visiting sick children at a hospital were also shown, and at a party and enjoying Cajun food at a steakhouse.

Miss Indiana, Gretchen Reece, was chosen as Most Photogenic. She was briefly interviewed, and congratulated. Then, the next award was Miss Congeniality. That one was won by two Miss USA contestants, in the first tie vote ever. The winners were Miss Alaska, Kimberly Agron, and Miss Delaware, Renee Bull. Alexandria interviewed a few more of the judges.

Following more commercials, it was time for the Top Five contestants on the Miss USA 2015 Pageant to be revealed. They were Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan; Miss Texas, Ylianna Guerra; Miss Rhode Island, Anea Garcia; Miss Maryland, Mamé Adjei; and, Miss Nevada, Brittany McGowan.

Returning from a commercial break, the Miss USA 2015 Pageant then entered into the Interview part of the competition. The first contestant to get asked a question was Miss Oklahoma. She was asked a question by Brook Lee. It was about the Confederate flag, and same sex marriage. She was asked what the next hot button topic would be. Miss Oklahoma answered, paraphrased, that it would be race relations and rights.

Miss Texas was asked about CEOs making a lot of money. Should the government impose salary restrictions was the question. She answered that the CEOs worked hard to earn that money, so there should not be any restrictions. Miss Rhode Island was asked if political correctness was helping or hurting this country. Miss Rhode Island asked for the question to be repeated. She said “It was a balance of both” she was in the middle of answering when her time ran out.

Miss Maryland was next. She was asked about if the reopening of the embassy in Cuba would be positive. Miss Maryland said she thought it was a good move, and it would help reestablish relationships between the two countries. Miss Nevada was asked what she would do to help improve race relations in the United States. She was hesitant, and said “we need to bring more people together,” but she knew her time was running out, so did not or could not get into specifics in the short time left her.

When the Miss USA 2015 Pageant returned after yet more commercials, more scenes about Baton Rouge were shown, like the Baton Rouge Marathon. The contestants took to the streets of Baton Rouge and enjoyed the food of street vendors and the Fourth of July fireworks.

Miss Oklahoma was asked a Facebook question about which American woman she would like to see on the first ten dollar bill, and why. She said that Harriet Tubman would be a good choice. Miss Texas was asked the same question, and she replied she would like to wait and see after the next elections were held. Miss Rhode Island answered that she would like to see the woman be Catherine McAuley, the founder of Sisters of Mercy. Miss Maryland replied her choice would be Oprah Winfrey.

Miss Nevada was the last one to answer the question. She replied she would like to see Rosa Parks on the ten dollar bill.

Following another break, the judges got one last look at the Top Five Miss USA 2015 contestants, wearing evening gowns. Then, it was time for the judges to reveal who would be the Runners-Up and who would be crowned Miss USA 2015…well, after still more commercials.

After the break, the big moment had arrived on the Miss USA 2015 Pageant. Miss USA Nia Sanchez was shown in a montage of some of the past year’s highlights she experienced as Miss USA 2014, including participating in the Miss Universe Pageant. She thanked everyone who had supported her and helped her out during the last year.

Then, the Miss USA 2015 Pageant’s final results were revealed. The fourth Runner-Up was Miss Maryland, the third Runner-Up was Miss Nevada, the second Runner-Up was Miss Rhode Island, the first Runner-Up was Miss Texas, and Miss USA 2015 was Miss Oklahoma.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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Photos Courtesy of the Miss USA Organization

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