Baby Chicks and Ducklings Pose Salmonella Risk

Apparently, cuddling with baby chicks and ducklings is now a risky move in that it can pose a salmonella risk, according to American Live Wire. The United States is currently being plagued by a huge outbreak of salmonella and the little critters are one of the key factors, the article stated. The outbreak has spread across numerous states and 181 people have been infected. The Center for Disease Control, also known as the CDC, is blaming the spread partly on people getting too up close and personal with live poultry.
 The CDC said that 86 percent of the infected individuals reported that they had contact with live poultry before getting sick. These people either bought live poultry to keep as pets or for the purpose of producing eggs and/or meat. A person has an increased risk of salmonella when taking these actions, especially when they keep poultry as pets. More and more people have been keeping ducklings and chicks as pets in recent years and they can potentially pose a serious salmonella risk, the article mentioned. salmonella
Salmonella can be very dangerous to a person’s health and many are aware of this and the dangers of eating undercooked meat, but people do not always think about the potential dangers involved in cuddling and kissing ducklings and chicks. Many of the ill individuals welcomed poultry into their homes as pets not knowing that the birds had been infected and were exposing the whole household to the risk. These baby chicks and ducklings pose a salmonella risk in some cases when the poultry has been infected. Those who purchase poultry for use as pets or for egg and meat production, need to be mindful of the possible risk involved and take the necessary precautions. Authorities are warning people to be careful and to also alert the CDC if there is any additional cases or potential spreads.

By Heather Granruth


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Photo Courtesy of Samdogs’ Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

Photo Courtesy of Jans Canon’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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