Band ‘no:carrier’ Debuts New ‘The Boys of Summer’ Video in the U.S. [Video Exclusive]


When German producer Chris Wirsig moved his self-dubbed “electro noir” group to San Francisco in 2001, he became fascinated with the seedy underbelly of California’s sunshine culture. Fourteen years later this May, no:carrier has released their new album, Ghosts of the West Coast, and this week are premiering the first video from this album – a darkwave cover of Don Henley’s classic, The Boys of Summer.  The video premiered last week in Europe, and now the world premiere is finally here.

Since moving to San Francisco,  Chris Wirsig has been inspired by the contrast between the representation of the American West Coast in the media and the reality of the different strata of cultures in this diverse area. Ghosts of the West Coast pays homage to California’s dichotomous nature with covers of songs Wirsig feels represent this clash of cultures. In addition to Henley’s track, Belinda Carlisle’s California and Tony Carey’s Room With a View appear on the EP, as well as an Irish traditional called She Moved Through the Fair. By putting his own spin on these songs, Wirsig has brought out even more of the irony involved in the sunny California image.

The video for no:carrier’s The Boys of Summer cover goes along with Wirsig’s “electro noir” concept, having been filmed in the film noir style.  Audio Terrorist singer Kalib DuArte was chosen for the vocals on this track, and he appears in the video as part of a love triangle, again amplifying the wistful and haunting aspects of the song. The video thus works well with this even more haunting version of Don Henley’s ’80s rock classic. Click below to see the world premiere of no:carrier’s The Boys of Summer.

Written by Layla Klamt

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Images provided courtesy of no:carrier’s media kit.

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