Ben Affleck and Garner Remain Together for Their Kids Despite Divorce


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are remaining together, at least for now, despite their impending divorce, with one source citing that they wanted to act like “mature adults for their children’s sake,” and do what is best for their kids. The source indicated that the pair wanted to handle their divorce much like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did in 2014 when they split up.

As strange as it might sound to some, according to a report in Us Weekly Magazine, the Hollywood couple’s desire to stay together for the sake of their three kids is the stated reason for their current vacation together as a family to the Bahamas. Affleck and Garner wanted to get their children out of L.A. as soon as possible after school was over. The Bahamas hold a special place for their kids because they have been going there as a family for several years.

The movie star couple want to lives of their kids to remain as stable as possible. In the words of the inside source interviewed by Us Weekly Magazine, Affleck and Garner do not want to have the lives of their children changed too much “just because they aren’t going to be married anymore.”

Affleck and Garner will not live together in the same house, but will both live on the same property in the Brentwood area. The upcoming star of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reportedly will live in a guesthouse on the property for the time being.

Their impending divorce has been hard on Affleck and Garner, but they have decided that it would be best for their kids if they remain together. The couple’s vacation together as a family in the Bahamas is serving as a bonding time that they are having with their children, an opportunity to “spend quiet time: with them.

In a statement that Affleck and Garner made that was published in the Daily Mail, about their impending divorce, the couple said that they still have “love and friendship for one another,” and they have “a commitment to co-parenting our children.” The three kids of the famous celeb couple are Samuel, 3, Seraphina, 6, and Violet, 9.

Despite some rumors that have persisted that Affleck’s divorce from Garner has to do with his growing closer to his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, Page Six has reported that the rumors are not true. A source who spoke to Page Six stated that the reasons behind the divorce of the celeb couple “has nothing to do with J.Lo.”

Affleck and Garner had planned to spend time with their kids together in the Bahamas, where they have a second home, before they filed for divorce. Whatever reason or reasons actually are behind their divorce, the couple are united in wanting their kids to still be their number one priority. There is tension visible between the celebs, with Garner appearing to be handling the impending divorce better than Affleck, who has reportedly looked “gloomy” of late.

Whatever differences exist between the Hollywood couple, who are currently in the process of getting a divorce, Affleck nor Garner have decided to remain together. They do not want their differences to adversely effect their relationship as parents with their three children. They try to not argue or fight in front of their children, and to still remain civil to each other. Being on vacation in the beautiful setting of the Bahamas while in the middle of a divorce might not be quite as fun as if the couple were going there under happier circumstances, but the celebs want to do what they feel is best for their children.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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