Ben Affleck Denies Feelings for New Co-Star in Midst of Garner Divorce


It seems like just another day at the office for the mills of Hollywood, as they latch onto Ben Affleck in his time of distress. The actor is said, in many publications and quotes, to be distraught over recent media reports concerning him and his starlet wife, Jennifer Garner. While Affleck (42) is divorcing Garner (43) after 10 years of marriage, the Dare Devil star now has to deny rumored feelings for Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie (25).

Fans who lived vicariously through the love of the two movie stars were in an array of disbelief when the two announced their plans for divorce June 30. A decade of marriage seems to be the time frame for Hollywood love to go stale as very few who are in the spotlight of fame, can last more than that. According to a source close to the couple, Affleck and Garner still love each other very much but have come to a place where they both feel they are better apart. Spending this past fourth of July weekend in the Bahamas with their three children, onlookers told People magazine that the two were visibly distant and did not share any of that Bahamian romance that usually flutters through the beautiful island.

Although the announcement of divorce came at the end of June, sources say the couple decided to split long before the public declaration. According to friends and family close to the actors, the two decided to continue living together for the sake of their children, saying that they should not have to feel the loss more than they need to. However, apart from the two arriving at the island property separately, they left separately as well. Affleck departed July 3 while Garner and the children left two days later. The Dare Devil star is slated to appear at San Diego’s Comic-Con in preparation for his new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film while Garner heads to Atlanta to begin shooting Miracles from Heaven.

With a mediation on the horizon and 10 years of memories and love to break down and fairly distribute, Affleck not only is dealing with the decision to divorce Garner, but he must now deny rumors of romantic feelings for new co-star Margot Robbie. The two are set to star in the upcoming Suicide Squad, a fictional organization in the DC comic universe made up of villains. Robbie is set to play Harley Quinn, a sadistic and over-romanticized psychopath, who is in love with the famed Joker character. Affleck will be donning the black caped crusader, Batman.

A source fed the rumor about the two actors to Women’s Day saying that they had developed some serious romantic feelings for one another on the set of their film. The same ill-informed source said that Affleck garnered feelings for Robbie after seeing her in The Wolf of Wall Street. Both actors are denying the rumor, with Affleck focusing on his divorce (a situation many say has him distraught) and Robbie standing strong on her one-year relationship with her boyfriend.

It is more than enough having to deal with a pending divorce after 10 years of marriage. It is quite another to have to deal with it while dodging and dispelling rumors about a fleeting romance with a woman more than 20 years the actor’s junior. Although Ben Affleck is divorcing Garner and denies any feelings for his new co-star, the couple said that they will remain close (geographically) for the children’s sake. Neither of the parents want to cause any additional damage to their three children and will find a way in the midst of the divorce, to co-parent as best they can.

By Danyol Jaye
Edited by Ankur Sinha
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