Whitney Houston Turns in Her Grave as Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photos Leak


It is a sad day for morale and integrity when the deathbed photos of Whitney Houston’s 22-year-old daughter are up for sale. Bobbi Kristina, daughter of famed R&B singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, has struggled immensely since the death of her mother. From drugs to parties, the young fame-inducted lady has had her share of time in the media, especially, since being found unconscious in a bathtub half a year ago. A sight identical to the event that claimed her mother’s life. It is no doubt that Houston is turning over in her grave as media outlets are being propositioned for her daughter’s leaked deathbed photos, said to be worth over $100,000.

It has been a long and windy road for the Browns and Houstons since the passing of the Saving All My Love For You singer in 2012. There has been a tornado of rumors and media coverage that has yet to die down being that the singer’s daughter has become such a rumor mill favorite. Stories of the young socialite began not soon after her mother’s death. Rumors of excessive partying to a tumultuous engagement, all leading up to the event that put 22-year-old Brown in a coma, and soon after, rendered her allegedly brain-dead.

Many allegations have gone back and forth between the Brown family and the Houston family as to the status of Bobbi Kristina’s health. In recent years, Browns aunt Leolah has become very vocal and protective of her niece’s condition. It is alarming for many that both sides of the young patient’s family has been unable to unify, if for no other reason than for the sake of media damage control. At one point, Houston’s side of the family claimed that the young girl was brain-dead and could not be helped. The Browns, however, came out to say that Bobbi Kristina was awake and on her way to a full recovery. An allegation that the Houston’s quickly rebutted and debunked.

Many fans of Brown’s mother follow the story for two distinct reasons. The first, and probably most solid, being a loyalty to Whitney’s legacy. Many fans do not want to see her only child suffer such a fate, specifically at such a young age. Although many say there was (and is) no reason to believe Bobbi Kristina possesses the same caliber of talent as her mother, fans still do not want to see the Whitney line end with Brown. The second (and more aloof) reason is that fans actually care for Bobbi Kristina independent of her mother. In any case, many are sure that Houston has rolled over in her grave as photos of her daughter on her deathbed are said to be worth over $100,000.

Any story of a young girl caught up in drugs and depression are bound to spin stories and cause for media audiences to become empathic if not sympathetic. No one wants to see such a young person go through a media frenzy that does nothing constructive for the recovery or benefit of said person. Bobbi Kristina’s outlandish antics that have led her to be in hospice is no different. The one thing both sides of Brown’s family agree on is that familiar issues should remain with family alone.

Since being in hospice, photos have surfaced of the 22-year-old patient and are being sent to several publications for sale. TMZ and Entertainment Tonight both refused to buy the photos which are said to be priced well over $100,000. Leolah, Brown’s aunt, has said that she believes the culprit to be a family member and has said that she will have all visitors take a lie detector test to determine who the photographer is. Brown has also made claims that she refuses for the media to turn her niece’s predicament into a farce like the National Inquirer did when Whitney Houston’s funeral photo donned their cover in 2012.

Whether Bobbi Kristina is truly beyond human help or simply on a slow and progressive journey to getting better, one thing is for sure, there are some things that the media should just consider unethical. Many applaud TMZ and ET for refusing such pictures while knowing that had they taken them, their site numbers would have exploded. However, many are glad to know that morale and integrity are still present with some publications. It can be safely said that Whitney Houston is rolling over in her grave having to watch (from a higher place) her daughter’s deathbed photos be sold at $100,000 when the situation is worth no price offered.

Fans of the Houston legacy everywhere have sent many prayers and condolences to the families in hope that, by some miracle, Bobbi Kristina will be okay. Friends of the famed singer, such as gospel great, Kim Burrell, have been a constant support for the family. Burrell herself has publicly said that she prays without ceasing for “little Whitney” to recover. According to medical sources, Brown is still unresponsive as she lies in a hospice facility in Georgia awaiting either a recovery or the family’s decision to let her go.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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