Can Donald Trump Survive With These 22 Breakups?

TrumpDonald Trump recently made history giving a presidential campaign announcement that was so racist at least 22 affiliations have divorced him. His comments, which alleged Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, made some of Kanye West’s hallmark rants seem almost saintly. Can Trump survive with these 22 break-ups?

When speaking to CNN host Don Lemon, Trump cited an article that was totally irrelevant to his unfounded claims as proof. A 2014 article on Fusion reported that prior to reaching the dream of crossing the American border, many female migrants have to survive a Mexican nightmare. According to directors of migrant shelters, 80 percent of Central American women and girls crossing Mexico on their way to the United States experience rape along the journey.  When questioned about his claims that immigrants from Mexico are mostly racist, Trump replied:

All I am doing is telling the truth. Somebody is doing the raping.

The 69-year-old businessman is no stranger to controversy; his combative nature was established as early as age 13. His personality has continuously led to several interesting clashes with other people through the years. Trump was aware that his bid in the 2016 elections as President of the United States could be bad for business, but did not believe it would be this bad. His comments on illegal immigrants coming from Mexico have really caused him to lose some important business partners. Can Trump survive with this many break-ups?

The list of affiliations that have decided it is more harmful than helpful to remain connected to the mogul continues to rise. To date, there are 22 break-ups which have already solidified their decision to cut ties with Trump:

  1.  Miss USA Performer J Balvin
  2. Univision
  3. Miss USA Co-host Roselyn Sanchez
  4. Miss USA Co-host Cristian de la Fuente
  5. NBC Universal
  6. Miss USA Sponsor Farouk Systems
  7. Mexican Broadcaster Televisa
  8. Miss USA Judge Jonathan Scott
  9. Craft Brewer 5 Rabbit Cerveceria
  10. TV Production Studio Ora TV
  11. Miss USA Co-host Thomas Roberts
  12. Miss USA Co-host Cheryl Burke
  13. Miss USA Performer Natalie La Rose
  14. Macy’s Department Store
  15. The City of New York
  16. Miss USA Judge Emmitt Smith
  17. Miss USA Performer Flo Rida
  18. Miss USA Performer Craig Wayne Boyd
  19. Costa Rican TV Network Teletica
  20. “Trump Home” Mattress Maker Serta
  21. Marcus Lemonis, CEO of NASCAR Sponsor Camping World
  22. NASCAR

TrumpIn a recent interview the television personality said the backlash received for his immigration comments was no surprise. He was, however, surprised that NASCAR would disconnect with him because the company always appeared to be unhappy with the problems surrounding illegal immigration. Trump admitted he was shocked, but not discouraged. He knew going into politics would be an “expensive” transition, but the mogul is confident he will survive this.

The former Apprentice host may be an expert in the business world, but his comments prove he has quite a way to go when it comes to being diplomatic. Just by announcing his intention to run for the office of the president, he started a war. Jose Antonio Meade, Mexican Foreign Secretary, called the mogul prejudiced and ignorant. He stated:

Trump has a profound ignorance of the reality in Mexico and the migrant contribution to [US] society. Trump’s comments reflect prejudices … a politician that does not know reality does not have good prospects.

“The Donald” recently made history by rendering a presidential campaign announcement that was so racist it caused a serious divorce between business partners. Can Trump survive with these 22 break-ups? The business tycoon is confident he will rise above this. The presidential hopeful is so sure of himself that he has already begun his oval office to-do list. The mogul jokingly said once he is voted into office the first thing on his agenda is to ditch his infamous “Trump hairdo.”

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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