‘Containment’ Buzz Begins at Comic-Con [Video]

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The Containment buzz is already beginning as the new show for The CW got its first introduction to the Comic-Con audiences on July 11. The show was one of the pilot’s screened during the convention and reaction seemed positive overall. IGN covered the pilot as part of a fan’s reaction video on YouTube and discussed the overall feel for the new program and a bit about what viewers can expect from the drama. There was also a question and answer session during the convention, which delved even deeper into what audiences will witness when they tune in to the show.

Even without watching the pilot and just viewing the trailer, viewers can tell there is an entirely different feel to Containment. From the very beginning the program has a much more adult-feel than other programs on The CW. It is a bit darker and the story-line is more post-apocalyptic virus, without a supernatural twist to the story. Instead, this is more of a “science fact” versus science fiction program.

For some science-fiction/fantasy fans the buzz that is beginning to spread regarding Containment is about more than the show itself or even the fact that the pilot screened at Comic-Con. Instead, the excitement being generated comes from the actors themselves. The series comes from Julie Plec, who is already a staple of The CW, as she is the person behind the ever popular shows, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. With her, she brings together a cast that includes Chris Wood of The Vampire Diaries, Christina Marie Moses of Nikita and Starship: Apocalypse, Claudia Black of Farscape and The Originals, David Gyasi of Interstellar and Trevor St. John of One Life to Live.

Set in Atlanta, Containment is the story of a mysterious and apparently deadly outbreak that forces a quarantine of the urban area. The people stuck on the inside of the cordoned area are in a fight for their lives, as both federal and local officials search for a cure to this sweeping virus. Separated from love one’s and fighting to keep the peace, there is so much more going on than anyone can imagine. As one journalist delves into this mysterious outbreak, questions arise and things are not adding up. It appears as if there is more to this virus than meets the eye.

On the inside of the quarantine not only are people battling for their lives, but they are also dealing with the isolation and fear that comes from this traumatic experience. Society is crumbling around them, but as trust slowly builds amongst those forced together, there is also hope for the future. On the other side of the cordoned area, there are also some heroes slowly making their presence known as well.

While the show is not a supernatural type drama, there is still that scientific feel that drives a strong science fiction. During the question and answer session, this was made abundantly clear as the cast and crew spoke about just how different their show would be from not only other outbreak type shows, but even many of the shows currently airing on The CW itself. Although the buzz for Containment is already beginning because of the Comic-Con screening, the program itself is not set to premiere on the network until the middle of the 2015-2016 season.

By Kimberley Spinney


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